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The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 1

Guy de Maupassant

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .with its marine flavor, caresses the soul with a penetrating sweetness. We were going to the brink of the abyss, which overlooked[Pg 67] the vast sea, and which rolled past us at the distance of less than a hundred meters.

And we drank with open mouth and expanded chest that fresh breath which came from the ocean and which glided slowly over the skin, salted by its long contact with the waves.

Wrapped up in her square shawl, inspired by the balmy air and with teeth firmly set, the English woman gazed fixedly at the great sun ball, as it descended towards the sea. Soon its rim touched the waters, just in rear of a ship which appeared on the horizon, until, by degrees, it was swallowed up by the ocean. It was seen to plunge, diminish, and finally to disappear.

Miss Harriet contemplated with a passionate regard the last glimmer of the flaming orb of day.

She muttered: "Aoh! I loved ... I loved ..." I saw a tear start in her eye. She c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Metaphormosis - a tiny tale

The field lay sparkling in the sun. The cold night had covered it with a white blanket which the grass was now reluctant to shed. The distant sun did not mind the ground’s slumber. It gazed benevolently down to the field and saw shimmers of its big bright self ref...more

Read a book originally written in a different language.

Finally writing a review of this thing that I really don't wanna write. Because I'm really being generous with two stars because I really hated reading this thing. Probably why I read it in February and only now posting a review, because I fe...more

Do not, under any circumstances, believe any of the introductions to Kafka books especially if they tell you that there is no point of trying to interpret, read into, or analyze Kafka's writing, and that it just is; read it for its poetic prose and for the beauty of the stories... BULLSHIT!!!
If y...more

I first met Kafka’s haunting prose while staying in Prague. Not even a year gone by and I find myself re-reading him again, trying once more to decipher what hidden messages might be found in his daunting short stories.
After having read his tales twice I have come to the conclusion that there is...more

I suspect interpreting Kafka says more about the reader than the author so here's some insight into my psyche:

Gregor's family are losers. Gregor takes over the "bread winner" position after his father's business fails and provides enough money for the family to live as well as help to pay down th...more

اولین آشناییم با کافکا توسط این مجموعه با 6 داستان به همراه ترجمه قابل احترام اقای حداد بود.طبق گفته خود کافکا کتاب ها باید مثل پتک بکوبند به سرت.هر کدوم از داستان ها ش روزها ذهن منو درگیر میکرد به ویژه در سرزمین محکومان.
پ.ن:از کافکا خیلی میترسم،با هر کدوم از داستاناش منو به جای دیگه ای میبره.

I didn’t want to like Kafka. When I first heard of him, I classified him as one of those writers people like so they can have some self-validation about their intelligence, like an association with college professors of something. I decided to try Kafka after a Breaking Bad episode entitled “Kafk...more

واقعاً مسخکننده بود. تو هر پنجداستان، قدم بهقدم وارد لایههای زیر داستان میشیم. کلماتـو بذارین کنار و از ورای پردهشون، هنرنمایی نویسنده رو ببینین. اینمجموعه پُر از نماده. بهتر بگم، نشانه؛ چون بخش اعظمی رو نویسنده برای خوانندهش تشریح میکنه و ما فقط باید اینا رو کنار هم قرار بدیم تا زیر پوستهی ظاهری...more

Die Verwandlung und andere Erzählungen = The Metamorphosis and Other Stories, Franz Kafka
In the bizarre world of Franz Kafka, salesmen turn into giant bugs, apes give lectures at college academies, and nightmares probe the mysteries of modern humanity’s unhappiness. More than any other modern wr...more

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