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The Wonderful Visit

H. G. Wells

Book Overview: 

An other-worldly creature visits a small English village, and H. G. Wells uses humor and satire to convey some of the imperfections of Victorian society, as ‘angel’ and humans view each other with equal incomprehension

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And——"

"But the way I came upon him," said the Vicar.

"Yes, tell me where you picked him up," said the Doctor. He sat down on the hall table.

The Vicar began rather hesitatingly—he was not very good at story telling—with the rumours of a strange great bird. He told the story in[Pg 56] clumsy sentences—for, knowing the Bishop as he did, with that awful example always before him he dreaded getting his pulpit style into his daily conversation—and at every third sentence or so, the Doctor made a downward movement of his head—the corners of his mouth tucked away, so to speak—as though he ticked off the phases of the story and so far found it just as it ought to be. "Self-hypnotism," he murmured once.

"I beg your pardon?" said the Vicar.

"Nothing," said the Doctor. "Nothing, I assure you. Go on. This is extremely interesting."

The Vicar told him he went out with his gun.

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Community Reviews

I wish I had such a pretty edition!

A wonderful, slightly satirical, and melancholic little novel by Wells about an angel who falls to earth and his impact on a small English village. Wells wrote this right after The Time Machine and it shares some similar ideas, but is a bit more fanciful. There are

Really very clever. Starts as a rather deft comedy of manners and ends as a cautionary tale about the corruption of innocence - the Angel's in a weeks time, and the Vicar's over decades. Just set this down and am still pondering the implications. Strong, thought provoking storytelling by the master.

‘The Wonderful Visit’ seems to be regarded mainly as a mocking reflection on attitudes, beliefs and the social structure of a typical English village in Victorian times. I read the social commentary as ornamentation round the more essential theme, the tragic/comic conflict that can accompany awakeni


A wonderful novel. Reportedly inspired by an observation by critic John Ruskin that if an angel appeared in Victorian England, it would be shot on sight, this very early work, published after the initial success of "The Time Machine," is a mirror image of Swift's "Gulliver's Travels." Both works tak

The idea of The Wonderful Visit (1895)—a fantasy published the same year in which the prolific Mr. Wells wrote not only The Time Machine, but also two other novels—is to be found in a comment of John Ruskin’s, who stated that any angel appearing in England would be immediately shot, on sight.

Thus it

Is H.G. Wells' The Wonderful Visit, though not strictly a science fiction novel, the first such novel to use the parallel universe theory? Consider this dialogue, spoken by an angel-like creature who enters our world and by the vicar who promptly shot him:

"It almost makes one think that in some odd

After finishing this book (and his The Food of the Gods) I'm beginning to rethink my overall assessment of H.G. Wells. Not that he is a bad writer (he certainly isn't!), but his writing is beginning to remind me more and more of social commentary stuck inside a relatively weak story rather than a st

„[Minunata vizită] (H.G. WELLS, The Wonderful Visit, 1895; stilul funcțional: beletristic; curentul literar: iluminism [NOTE, 4]; genul literar: epic; specia literară: roman fantastic; subspecia literară: fantastic histrionic [industrial]). Un vicar împuşcă întâmplător un înger (luându-l drept o pas

Great short story about the sensless maliciousness of man and his desire to destroy all that he feels threatened by. I don't want to give to much away, but a quick little read that has a whole lot to say. This book is pretty deep if you take the time to break it down, so becareful not to dig so deep

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