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Woman and Puppet

Pierre Louÿs

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Convent of San José d’Avila, was going to Madrid to find her mother, and bore the name of Concha Perez.

Her voice was singularly penetrating. She sang without moving her body about, hands in shawl, eyes closed.

The songs she was singing were not taught her by the Sisters, I can be quite sure. They were the little songs of four lines, only loved by the people. Into these quatrains they put much passion.[Pg 30] I can hear again in memory the caress in her voice as she sang—

“Thy bed is of jasmins, Thy sheets of white roses; Of lilies thy pillows, And a dark rose there poses.”

There followed an angry scene between her and the gipsy. They fought, but I stepped between, for I loathe to see women fighting. They do it badly and dangerously. When it was all over, a gendarme came, and after slapping Concha upon the cheeks put her in another compartment. The train now went forward again, and my comp. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A man becomes intrigued by a mysterious Andalusian woman in the festivities of the carnival of Seville in Spain. He follows her but seems to have been led on a goose-chase. During his inquiries about her, he runs across a man with a strange cautionary tale of woe about his own relationship with this

Everything this book says about seduction is true.

Πρώτη επαφή με το έργο του Πιερ Λουίς και δηλώνω αρκετά ικανοποιημένος. Είναι ένα βιβλίο που δείχνει σε μεγάλο βαθμό τα εκατόν είκοσι χρόνια του, όμως χάρη στις ωραίες περιγραφές, τους σπιρτόζικους διαλόγους, την υποδόρια ειρωνεία και τον έντονο σαρκασμό, διαβάζεται πολύ ευχάριστα, ενώ προσφέρει και

This collection of short stories centers around the power of seduction, mostly the male at the mercy of the more worldly-wise female. None of the tales are graphic and they favor locations in remote classic or mythological regions. The one thing they all shared for me were that they were haunting. T

زن و بازیچه
پیر لوییس
عبدالله توکل/رضا سید حسینی
کتابخانه معرفت
پیر لوییس در ادبیات ایران چندان نام آشنا نیست اما بیشتر علاقمندان به سینمای موسوم به هنری حتما با فیلم معروف لوییس بونوئل ،میل مبهم هوس اشنا هستند . البته لوییس از نویسندگان بسیار مهم سبک بازگشت ادبی اواخر قرن نوزدهم فرانسه است و مهمترین اث



Una historia terrorífica, con escenas excitantes.

En febrero de 1896 André Stevenol, francés, está Sevilla durante el último día de carnaval. Ya resignado a la falta de emoción en su visita de ese año ve pasar en coche a Concepción Pérez, joven andaluza, de ese tipo admirable por excelencia, producto

I vill not transcribe the good by defect added review,i only have to say that is about a excesive,obsesive an rather sadomasochist love, and certainly Conchita has some features in common with the heroines of Merimee in special with Carmen.

Is a fun read with witty dialogues an beautiful descriptions

That Obscure Object of Desire, 1977 Luis Buñuel's film based on the novel

French Decadent novelist and poet Pierre Louÿs' classic tale of obsessive love, once read, never forgotten, about Spanish aristocrat Don Mateo’s infatuation with Conchita, a young, beautiful Andalusian singer and dancer was fir

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