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The Woggle-Bug Book

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

The Woggle-Bug Book features the broad ethnic humor that was accepted and popular in its era, and which Baum employed in various works. The Woggle-Bug, who favors flashy clothes with bright colors, falls in love with a gaudy "Wagnerian plaid" dress that he sees on a mannequin in a department store window. Being a woggle bug, he has trouble differentiating between the dress and its wearers, wax or human. The dress is on sale for $7.93 ("GREATLY REDUCED" reads the tag). The Bug works for two days as a ditchdigger for money to buy the dress.

He arrives too late, though; the dress has been sold, and makes its way through the second-hand market. The Bug pursues his love through the town, ineptly courting the women who have the dress in turn.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .s loss; then he started after the car as fast as he could go, and this was very fast indeed—he being a woggle-bug.

Somebody cried: "Stop, thief!" and a policeman ran out to arrest him. But the Woggle-Bug used his four hands to push the officer aside, and the astonished man went rolling into the gutter so recklessly that his uniform bore marks of the encounter for many days.

Still keeping an eye on the car, the Woggle-Bug rushed on. He frightened two dogs, upset a fat gentleman who was crossing the street, leaped over an automobile that shot in front of him, and finally ran plump into the car, which had abruptly stopped to let off a passenger. Breathing hard from his exertions, he jumped upon the rear platform of the car, only to see his charmer step off at the front and walk mincingly up the steps of a house. Despite his fatigue, he flew after her at once, crying out:

"Stop, my variegated dear—stop! Don't you know you'. . . Read More

Community Reviews

N ~ it was ok. But, not much to go with the story. It is as the title says...just about the Woggle-Bug. It's not really needed before moving onto Ozma.

Bug wants dress. Works to get money. Back to store to purchase dress. Uhoh, lady gets dress first. Is she the wax lady? Can the bug buy her? Hmmm...more

Ouch, this hasn't aged well! Review to follow.

The Woggle-Bug Book was a sort of comic-book written by L. Frank Baum that brought Oz characters to the US for various adventures. (Warning - the text has been controversial for its use of ethnic stereotypes).

The book was written in 1905 and features H.M. (Highly Magnified) Woggle-Bug, a overly lar

What did I just read?

It starts out as a delightfully fun read, filled with puns and absurdities to an even greater extent than Baum's Oz novels of the time. Unfortunately, around the half way mark, the humour descends into racial stereotypes that were not recognized as problematic within Baum's social circles. While I g

This has to be the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been while reading a kids’ story. I mean, holy racism, Batman. I understand that the story is over 110 years old, but the racist overtones were too much. Definitely would never recommend to anyone.

Very good. Read it three times. It is not very long but very powerful.

I'm glad this one was just a short story. The Woggle Bug showed up in OZ book #2, and I found him quite amusing. I love that is full name is HM Woggle-Bug, TE (Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated). And I thought that the other characters in that book treated him horribly.

But as for him holding


The Woggle-Bug Book is not precisely part of the Oz books as it doesn't take place in Oz or really have anything to do with Oz other than the Woggle Bug. Actually, the book is adapted from the musical adaptation of the second Oz book, The Marvelous Land of Oz. Well, loosely adapted. The Woggle Bug i

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