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A Witch Shall Be Born

Robert E. Howard

Book Overview: 

The kingdom of Khauran is admittedly a small one, nestled between the vast desert and the plains, but it is blessed with an abundance of rich soil, hard working devoted inhabitants and much gold but most of all by a sweet young queen who is as wise and beneficent as she is beautiful. But then from out of nowhere, disaster strikes. A horrible witch (her evil twin sister) secretly replaces her and introduces devil worship, human sacrifice and other things too repulsive to mention. Conan, who was the captain of her guard is captured and crucified in the desert.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Tomorrow I shall bid him order his troops to leave the kingdom. He himself shall be kept captive until they are over the border. Meantime, my soldiers man the walls of the city, and I have warned him that he will answer for any outrages perpetrated on the villagers or shepherds by his mercenaries.'

'He is confined in the south tower?' asked Salome.

'That is what I said. Why do you ask?'

For answer Salome clapped her hands, and lifting her voice, with a gurgle of cruel mirth in it, called: 'The queen grants you an audience, Falcon!'

A gold-arabesqued door opened and a tall figure entered the chamber, at the sight of which Taramis cried out in amazement and anger.

'Constantius! You dare enter my chamber!'

'As you see, Your Majesty!' He bent his dark, hawk-like head in mock humility.

Constantius, whom men called Falcon, was tall, broad-shouldered, slim-waisted, lithe and strong as pliant steel. He was handsome . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a treat. Sword and sorcery at its best. One of my more favorite Conan tales, it has many facets and interesting storytelling elements. Many times Conan is mentioned almost as a supporting character, and then Howard brings him front and center in an awesome way. It's just splendid Howard stor

The one where he's crucified like in the movie. The witch and the queen got some filthy ass exploitation tension going on, kudos Howard ya slimeball.

Howard moves the focus away from Conan a little more than usual in A Witch Shall Be Born. Center stage often spotlights two sisters, one a queen and the other a witch who wishes she were queen, and then does something about it. In the end, Conan stomps in from stage right to save the day, but it was

Conan crucified!

A witch (as advertised).

Battles and conflict and stuff.

This is a great Conan story. The villainess is both intriguing and one-dimensional at the same time; you don't know much about her, but what you do know makes you long to learn more. Why does she hate her sister so much? what's h

Este es el relato/novella en el que Conan se pasa un capítulo entero CRUCIFICADO EN EL DESIERTO hasta que le rescatan muy de milagro. Joder: es que SABES que es Conan y que no le va a pasar nada pero aún así hay tensión.

También aquí es donde hay un divertido enfrentamiento dialéctico entre el líder

A superb translation. Highly recommended.

Există cel puțin trei motive pentru care „O vrăjitoare se va naște” reprezintă un pilon al istoriei fantasticului întunecat: episodul christic, în primul rând, personajul Valerius (și povestea de dragoste dintre acesta și Ivga), capabil oricând să îi dea o replică demnă lui Conan, și jocul tehnicii

Action-packed "sword and sorcery" novella featuring Conan the Barbarian. Violent and over-the-top, but alot of fun to read. The story centers on an evil-twin witch who impersonates her sister, the queen, in order to take over the Khauran kingdom. Will she succeed in her evil plan? Not if Conan has a

First time I read a story of Robert Howard. It was quite short and it is not easy for me to rate it as my expectations were quite high because Conan the Barbarian was and is such a well known character and Howard has many fans - I was uncertain between 3 or 4 stars but I will give it three as I thin

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