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The Wishing Horse of Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Book Overview: 

Magic wishing emeralds mysteriously arrive in the little kingdom of Skampavia. King Skamperoo immediately confiscates them and wishes to become the Emperor of Oz, with his magic horse Chalk as his advisor. All the residents of Oz are enchanted to forget Ozma and their own rulers, except for Dorothy and Pigasus the flying pig. Can Dorothy and Pigasus break the enchantment and rescue Princess Ozma? Will they forge an unlikely alliance with the Gnome King? And who is the real owner and possessor of the secret of the wishing emeralds?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He could not understand why the King had got his wish and his own wish had gone for nothing. What was the secret of the magic emeralds? With his forehead still wrinkled in thought, Matiah entered the throne room and quietly seated himself in a chair opposite Skamperoo. Much to his relief, the King neither reproached nor upbraided him.

"Ah, so there you are?" he cried in his best meant-to-be-cheerful voice. "I have just sent Pinny Penny to feed your horse."

"My horse?" barked Matiah, starting up in dismay, then catching a meaning wink from the King, he quickly winked back.

"It seemed wisest," murmured Skamperoo, "to say nothing of your magic powers for the present. All this will be OUR secret," he finished playfully.

"Oh, yes, yes—indubitably!" While Skamperoo was still wondering what "indubitably" meant, Matiah hurried out of the room and took a long drink of water from the old-fashioned fountain in the hall.

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Community Reviews

By far the best Thompson book so far. The plot wasn't just the standard walking around Oz and meeting new people line we've now read so many times. You couldn't predict how Dorthy was going to solve this conflict right off the bat, so it made you interested in reading to figure out how everything wa

Somehow, I missed reading this Oz book back when I was young. For me, it was such a pleasure to leave worries behind & go back in time to Oz & it's wonderful characters.

Purchased for $4 at a used bookstore in Saughteries, NY, near Woodstock. This is the last Oz book reprinted by Del Rey in 1986. There were plans to reprint the remaining four Ruth Plumly Thompson Oz books (they are listed as forthcoming in the first few pages), but I guess the series wasn't selling

Nowhere close to the charm, magic, and inventiveness of the originals. These books should not be considered Oz canon. With this book, Thompson has written more Oz books than Baum, but I wish she'd stopped after two or three.

This was a very lovely book. I know some Oz fans have a lot of problems with Ruth Plumly Thompson, though why exactly I don't know. I heard she was chosen by Frank L. Baum himself to take over writing the books and she did a good job of it for years. This is the first book of hers I've ever read and