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White Fang

Jack London

Book Overview: 

When White Fang is birthed in a cave to a wolf sire and a wolf/dog halfbreed dam, he is heir to two traditions. At first he is content to explore and learn laws of the Wild. But then his mother is caught and held by old memories of a past relationship with Man, and White Fang follows her into service with the Indians. Life among sled dogs is hardly less cruel and dangerous than living in the Wild, but brutality notches upward when his drunken master sells him to a nasty, twisted hanger-on at a riverside town of white men. He is stripped of everything soft and gentle when forced to fight to the death for a crowd of bettors.

Taming this savage spirit and reclaiming the nobility within looks impossible. Fortunately, and heart-warmingly, a man arrives in White Fang's life to try.

"White Fang" is often called the mirror image of Jack London's acclaimed "The Call of the Wild" in which a dog follows the reverse arc from tame to free.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He cast anxious glances at his mate, but she showed no desire to get up.  He looked outside, and half a dozen snow-birds fluttered across his field of vision.  He started to get up, then looked back to his mate again, and settled down and dozed.  A shrill and minute singing stole upon his heating.  Once, and twice, he sleepily brushed his nose with his paw.  Then he woke up.  There, buzzing in the air at the tip of his nose, was a lone mosquito.  It was a full-grown mosquito, one that had lain frozen in a dry log all winter and that had now been thawed out by the sun.  He could resist the call of the world no longer.  Besides, he was hungry.

He crawled over to his mate and tried to persuade her to get up.  But she only snarled at him, and he walked out alone into the bright sunshine to find the snow-surface soft under foot and the travelling difficult.  He went up the frozen bed of the stream, where the snow, s. . . Read More

Community Reviews

White Fang, Jack London’s 1906 companion (and thematic mirror) story to his classic The Call of the Wild begins with an archetypal London setting, a scene of desperate survival in a harsh, cruel environment.

Following the growth of a hybrid wolf-dog as he grows and fights and survives in the frozen

Can an animal part wolf, part dog, be rehabilitated and become a domestic pet? The exact opposite of, another Jack London novel, The Call of the Wild. So the premise is, in White Fang. A runaway former Indian bred she- wolf, Kiche, along with forty odd others, in a wolf pack, are following three men

I was reminded of Diana, the Huntress with her lop-eared hounds driving her chariot and her nymphs as her hunting companions when I read this book. And it is as that Goddess that I accompanied the wolf White Fang (the only survivor out of a litter of five puppies), on his incredible journey through

As with THE CALL OF THE WILD, it took me some years before I picked up another Jack London classic, WHITE FANG. I found the contrast in this book to be a fine compliment to the story of Buck in London's first major success. In CALL OF THE WILD, Buck is a giant dog who discovers his primal instincts

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The Written Review

“The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept.”
The wolfdog known as White Fang has had a difficult life.

Cruel companions, cruel owners and a cruel world shaped him into what he

I first read White Fang around the age of eleven or twelve. I think that's about right, but I'm not exactly certain. I do know that I read it soon after finishing London's other famous novel, The Call of the Wild. That first book, about a dog who's stolen and put into a life of hardship, would have

I know why I loved this as a kid. It is a raw adventure, with a natural charm, and the idea of a wild wolf-dog that is tamed by one man’s kindness would have been irresistible to my nine year old self. Even as an adult, it reads like a heroic tale, as White Fang fights his way through life’s difficu

I missed this as a child not sure why given my love for call of the wild. My guess is my librarian mother withheld it because the animal cruelty would have probably upset a younger me since it did an older me.

There's alot of trigger warning for White Fang. Violence toward animal is no laughing matt

I think I am one of the few who did not have this book as required reading in school.

White Fang chronicles the harsh realities of life. When this book begins, two men and trying to bring back the body of a third using their dog sled team. There has been a lack of food and night by night one of their

White Fang, Jack London

White Fang is a novel by American author Jack London (1876–1916), and the name of the book's eponymous character, a wild wolf-dog. First serialized in Outing magazine, it was published in 1906.

The story takes place in Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories, Canada, du

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