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What Katy Did at School

Susan Coolidge

Book Overview: 

The second book of the "What Katy Did" series continues to follow the story of Katy Carr, recounting the time she spent at boarding school with her sister Clover.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Berry unlocks the door, there they sit, studying away; and Mrs. Searles looks so disappointed! I thought I should die one night, Mary Andrews and I laughed so."

I verily believe that if Dr. Carr had been present at this conversation, he would have stopped at the next station, and taken the girls back to Burnet. But he did not return from the smoking-car till the anecdotes about Berry were finished, and Lilly had begun again on Mrs. Florence.

"She's a sort of queen, you know. Everybody minds her. She's tall, and always dresses beautifully. Her eyes are lovely; but, when she gets angry, they're perfectly awful. Rose Red says she'd rather face a mad bull any day than Mrs. Florence in a fury; and Rose ought to know, for she's had more reprimands than any girl in school."

"How many girls are there?" inquired Dr. Carr.

"There were forty-eight last term. I don't know how many there'll be this, for they . . . Read More

Community Reviews

An old favourite - Katy's adventures at school are just as engaging as her adventures at home. As a child I was somewhat confused by a school which only had holidays in September and at Christmas (and not much of a break at Christmas), and I really didn't understand the whole 'not talking to the boy

What Katy Did at School adalah sebuah karya klasik, sekuel dari What Katy Did. Karena aku udah lama baca buku pertama, masuk ke buku kedua ini agak-agak susah mengingat hubungan antar tokoh dan kepribadian mereka seperti apa.

Jadi ceritanya ada sebuah keluarga bernama Carr. Isinya 5 anak dan seorang

I loves this book a lot.

Another sanctimonious Carr family book, in which Katy and Clover teach the other girls at boarding school (which they only go to for ONE YEAR because having made them go against their will, Father decides he "can't spare them at home" and, besides, the starving poor relative he got to housekeep and

Finished reading "What Katy Did" for the first time and enjoyed it so much that I snatched up the sequel, "What Katy Did at School" and devoured it in an afternoon. If you've read the first Katy book, you'll want to know what happens when she and her sister attend an all girl's boarding school. She

Sweet and interesting, but I like the first book better. However, Red Rose is one of my favorite characters!

I enjoyed this. I remember thinking what an attractive character Rose Red was when I read the book as a child, and I still found her so now.

When we first meet Rose she is described as having 'a rosy, mischievous face' and she is not enchanted to be greeted by a rich, but spoilt character. She laughs

I enjoyed reading this more the second time round than I did the first. Katy and Clover's adventures and misadventures at a distant boarding school were both amusing and realistic. I also appreciated the way in which the author made a point of instilling good morals and lessons into the story throug

Here's the sequel to What Katy Did and it does not disappoint!

Katy and Clover go to a girl's boarding school. It's a real test of character though, as they see many girls doing things that are not right or that are inappropriate. And then when Katy gets accused of doing something she didn't do, it

What Katy Did at School is a sequel to “What Katy Did”, and written a year later, in 1873. Like many girls, I read and enjoyed these novels about the Carr family, written by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, using the pen name Susan Coolidge. The style and concerns are rather like those of “Little Women”, the

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