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What Katy Did Next

Susan Coolidge

Book Overview: 

The third book in the "What Katy Did" series follows Katy Carr through her adventures into Europe.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Their present residence was one of those wide old-fashioned brick houses on the crest of the hill, whose upper windows command the view across to the Boston Highlands; in the rear was a spacious yard, almost large enough to be called a garden, walled in with ivies and grapevines, under which were long beds full of roses and chrysanthemums and marigolds and mignonette.

Rose carried a latch-key in her pocket, which she said had been one of her wedding-gifts; with this she unlocked the front door and let Katy into a roomy white-painted hall.

"We will go straight through to the back steps," she said. "Mamma is sure to be sitting there; she always sits there till the first frost; she says it makes her think of the country. How different people are! I don't want to think of the country, but I'm never allowed to forget it for a moment. Mamma is so fond of those steps and the garden."

There, to be sure, Mrs. Redding was found sitti. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This always has and I think always will be my least favourite in this series. Part of the reason for this is because the end of What Katy Did at School is so final it seems strange to rejoin her three years later, the rest is because this book is more mature, it doesn't have the fun and frivolity...more

What Katy Did Next takes us back to the adventures of the high-spirited Katy Carr. I don't remember much from the previous books, so I don't know if Katy is the oldest daughter, or if there is someone older. In this book Katy is twenty one years old, which I found surprising because I was expecti...more

Jae Winter's review characterizes What Katy Did Next as "a travelogue written by someone who apparently hated traveling [...] England is too rainy, I don't remember the problem w/Paris but it was horrible, Italy is full of fever, and they come home early."

Quite an accurate summary! I think Susan...more

Yet another in the Katy books! What Katy did next was go to Europe on a trip w/a neighbor and her little daughter, in a travelogue written by someone who apparently hated traveling, which made this kind of hilarious. England is too rainy, I don't remember the problem w/Paris but it was horrible,...more

This is another one of my mother's books that I also loved as a child. I can't locate book 2, What Katy Did At School so I've gone straight to book 3 which takes place 3 years after Katy Carr leaves Hillsover boarding school and returns home to Burnet.

Katy cares for a neighbour's daughter, Amy As...more

What Katy Did Next follows Katy Carr on the trip of a life time. Her friend, a widow by the name of Mrs Ashe, wants to take her daughter to Europe but doesn't want to go alone. Impressed by Katy's mature behaviour and kind ways, during a difficult time for her, she decides to ask Katy, and how co...more

Hm..I really like Katy, but this book seemed more about Europe than Katy and her family...the romance also seemed a bit weird. I almost skipped some pages, they were a bit tiresome and not important for the story...But it was an appropriate finish of the story, in just the right time. I would lik...more

Wonderful! And two of the best last sentences ever!

I really enjoy the Katy books and so appreciate the subtle ways they speak truth. Make sure this series is on your reading list!

Cleanliness: Mentions girls going to some little dances. There is a spoiled girl in the story that acts awfully - she...more

Dalam #whatkatydidnext Katy Carr berpelesir ke Eropa.

Keluarga Carr merawat si kecil Amy sementara ibunya, Mrs Ashe merawat ponakan kecilnya yg sakit. Setelah sang ponakan pergi, Mrs Ashe merasa ingin ganti suasana. Dia mengajak Katy yg sudah berusia 21 thn ikut jalan-jalan bersamanya dan Amy ke E...more

This is the third in the series of books about the Carr family which began with “What Katy Did”. I felt that What Katy Did Next, was the weakest of the three, perhaps because it introduced concerns about which I was not interested, namely exclusively female chitchat, and a predictable romantic el...more

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