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Westward Ho!, or, the voyages and adventures of Si

Charles Kingsley

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rving-man, who would as soon have dared to leap off Welcombe Cliff as to return railing for railing to the White Witch, in vain entreated her mercy, and tried, by all possible dodging, to keep one of the party between himself and her, lest her redoubted eye should "overlook" him once more to his ruin.

But the night's adventures were not ended yet; for just as the boat was launched, a faint halloo was heard upon the beach, and a minute after, a horseman plunged down the pebbles, and along the sand, and pulling his horse up on its haunches close to the terrified group, dropped, rather than leaped, from the saddle.

The serving-man, though he dared not tackle a witch, knew well enough how to deal with a swordsman; and drawing, sprang upon the newcomer, and then recoiled—

"God forgive me, it's Mr. Eustace! Oh, dear sir, I took you for one of Sir Richard's men! Oh, sir, you're hurt!"

"A scratch, a scratch!" almost moaned Eustac. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It has every possible human emotion that I can relate to every part of my life, and at the right proportion. Truly a magic portion!

I'm no snob when it comes to old books, but the appeal of this one escapes me. Westward Ho! is the story of an Englishman, Amyas Leigh, who leaves his English town searching for maritime adventure and the chance to avenge a grudge. Kingsley completely avoids political correctness as he present the S

2 1/2 stars

This one took a long while to get going, and felt even longer on account of its old-style writing and a great deal of prejudices and nationalism besides. But once it does pick up, it picks up.

I'm still not sure if it was worth it in the end, though.

This was a beautiful book, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The story was sad but came out satisfactorily in the end. It is unfortunately preachy, always pitting the wonderful Protestant English against the terrible Catholic Spanish. (Note: This is not my opinion, but it was what the book seemed to be

Written in the 19th century, about the 16th century, this book was like a time travel device: I read views (from both the characters and the narrator) that were so different from my own and from what is considered acceptable in my time period/culture. It certainly made me think. And rage a little bi

read for my nation, empire, and literature class. an english bestseller. fascinating from an historical and sociological perspective. an obviously nationalistic book. it was fun to write a paper on, though. and it made my recent robin hood obsession suddenly relevant.

Read for school. It was all right, although I found it extremely boring.

I am so glad I took the time to read this book. There is so m much food for thought in these pages. I was leery of Kingsley's anti-Catholic bias going in, but while it did make me roll my eyes occasionally, I don't think it detracted from the story at all. I am really looking forward to reading this

First off, I didn't really get into this book until almost half-way through. The start seemed to be largely about Amyas Leigh, the protagonist, desiring to go to sea, and his romance with the character Rose.

The story really gets going after Amyas loses Roses to the main antagonist, Don Guzman, and t

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