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The Wendigo

Algernon Blackwood

Book Overview: 

Another camper tale, this time set in the Canadian wilderness. A hunting party separates to track moose, and one member is abducted by the Wendigo of legend. Robert Aickman regarded this as "one of the (possibly) six great masterpieces in the field".

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Meanwhile, shouldering the packs between them, each man carrying his own rifle, they followed the slender trail over rocks and fallen trunks and across half-frozen swamps; skirting numerous lakes that fairly gemmed the forest, their borders fringed with mist; and towards five o'clock found themselves suddenly on the edge of the woods, looking out across a large sheet of water in front of them, dotted with pine-clad islands of all describable shapes and sizes.

"Fifty Island Water," announced Défago wearily, "and the sun jest goin' to dip his bald old head into it!" he added, with unconscious poetry; and immediately they set about pitching camp for the night.

In a very few minutes, under those skilful hands that never made a movement too much or a movement too little, the silk tent stood taut and cozy, the beds of balsam boughs ready laid, and a brisk cooking fire burned with the minimum of smoke. While the young Scotchman cleaned. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Even better this time.


I think nature can be terrifying and creepy even without creatures that cannot be explained.

A hunting party of five men are on their way to find the elusive moose. They leave their cook Puck to guard their main camp while the rest split into two groups to cover more groun...more

This 'horror classic' was such a strange mixture of psychological terror and late-night campfire yarn that it never really came together. He starts setting the mood in classic Blackwood fashion--slow, deliberate, and philosophical:
"The silence of the vast listening forest stole forward and envel...more

Algernon Blackwood had an interesting life - before he began to write weird stories he taught the violin, was a bartender, reported for the New York Times, operated a hotel and worked as a farmer in Canada; only in his late thirties did he return to England and started to write stories, using his...more

a rainy, windy, chilly night with nothing to do but gaze lovingly at my overly full bookcases. so why not reread one of my favorite classic horror novellas? this one is about, wait for it, The Wendigo and its prey du jour (du nuit?): some hunters and their guides. but is the story really about th...more

A hunting company, an old folk lore and a member of the hunting company that seems to have changed... the story was a bit slow paced, without the usual twist other Blackwood stories have. I wasn't scared or frightened when toiling through this story. Okay, plotting and prose were immaculate but t...more

I read this short novella as part of a Halloween group reading and Im glad I did.

Algernon Blackwood was completely unknown to me until now. The author can create a good, which in this case means uncomfortable, atmosphere with fairly simple means. Even though I didnt lie in the corner in foetal p...more

Das Setting hat mich bei dieser Mystery-Geschichte besonders angesprochen. Die unfassbare Weite der kanadischen Wildnis, angesichts der sich der einzelne Mensch seiner ganzen Verletzlichkeit und Verlorenheit bewusst wird. Es ist das Grausen vor dem leeren, scheinbar grenzenlosen Raum, ein Horror...more

Dark and thrilling.

This demonstrates the narrative power of a short story.

Blackwood is able to hold a tingling sense of unease and supernatural awe throughout this tight prose and tell a riveting ghost story at the same time. His language is evocative and murky, making the forest come alive and...more

Μια κατάσταση εμπειρική ως έλξη μιας ομορφιάς τρομερής, γλυκιάς και απόκοσμης.
Μία θανάσιμη ομορφιά που κυριαρχεί στο ασυνείδητο του ανθρώπου και δεν την αντέχουν οι αισθήσεις, το Γουέντιγκο είναι ίσως η γλυκερή μυρωδιά που αναδύει η ψυχή λίγο πριν χαθεί στα ακατοίκητα δάση της αιώνιας σιωπής του...more

Este es un buen cuento de misterio, másque una historia terrorífica. Con una impresionante narrativa Blackwood nos presenta al Wendigo, una criatura mitológica norteamericana.

Sin que se nos presente propiamente a esta criatura, ni explícitamente se hable de lo que esta hace se logra que temamos...more

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