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The War in the Air

H. G. Wells

Book Overview: 

War in the Air was written during a prolific time in H. G. Wells's writing career. Having withdrawn from British politics to spend more time on his own ideas, while many British citizens were surprised by the advent of World War I, Wells had already written prophetically about such a conflict. War in the Air predicted use of airplanes in modern war.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It was a black spot moving slowly with him far below, following him down there, indefatigably, over the cloud mountains. Why should such a thing follow him? What could it be?...

He had an inspiration. "Uv course!" he said. It was the shadow of the balloon. But he still watched it dubiously for a time.

He returned to the plans on the table.

He spent a long afternoon between his struggles to understand them and fits of meditation. He evolved a remarkable new sentence in French.

"Voici, Mossoo!—Je suis un inventeur Anglais. Mon nom est Butteridge. Beh. oo. teh. teh. eh. arr. I. deh. geh. eh. J'avais ici pour vendre le secret de le flying-machine. Comprenez? Vendre pour l'argent tout suite, l'argent en main. Comprenez? C'est le machine a jouer dans l'air. Comprenez? C'est le machine a faire l'oiseau. Comprenez? Balancer? Oui, exactement! Battir l'oiseau en fait, a son propre jeu. Je desire de vendre ceci a votre government na. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The War in the Air

Though written in 1908, I don’t believe H.G. Wells wrote this because he saw the writing on the wall that WWI was to come. Too early. What inspired this was the frenzy over the invention of the flying machines. With the Right Brothers and those who followed, and the innovations wit

A remarkably progressive book, but then Wells did like his politics. His constant observation that Europeans are no more civilized than the other races of man, and no less prone to violent, dominant, cruel behavior is refreshing amongst the variety of Victorian sci fi and adventure stories I've been

This is not Well's most famous work by a longshot - it's quite likely you've never even heard of it. Wells wrote The War in the Air in 1907 at a time when he was veering away from the scientific romances of his past and into more mainstream fiction. Like his earlier novels The War of the Worlds and

So reading this book is a tentative start at going through some of Wells' vast catalog beyond the "Big Three" that pretty much everybody has read: The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and The War of the Worlds. I selected this one more or less at random. It is a work of speculative fiction involving

Wells wrote this book five years after the Wright brothers' flight 1903, after the Japanese defeat of the Russians in 1904, but prior to Bleiriot's crossing of the Channel by air in 1909. He was therefore writing at a time of significant international change, the ultimate path of which was not clear

The first H.G. Wells book I've read. I'm not sure why it's not as famous as the others. It is a bit uneven but the good parts are very very good, and its message about technology advancing faster than morality is always timely.


Con un avvio – per me- poco convincente, la storia prende il volo proprio quando Bert, il protagonista di questa storia, a seguito di un imprevisto, si ritrova nella cesta di una mongolfiera.

Siamo in Inghilterra nei primi anni del XX* secolo, il progresso incalza modificando drasticamente tanto

As much as I get frustrated by H.G. Wells and like to criticize his work, I can't help but recognize his genius. "The War In The Air" is one of his novels that I honestly can find very little to fault, and I believe stands as one of his best sci-fi novels.

As an avid consumer and fan of sci-fi from t

"The War of the Worlds" wasn't the only masterpiece that H.G. Wells wrote with the words "The War" in the title. "The War in the Air," which came out 10 years later, in 1908, is surely a lesser-known title by this great author, but most certainly, in my humble opinion, a masterpiece nonetheless. In

In many ways this is quite prescient, aircraft did radically change war.
My only real complaint is the prediction of the fall of the modern scientific society, so many things he thinks would have been lost (weaving fabrics, good farming practices, stuff like that) would not have been lost - Hades man

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