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Voodoo Planet

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

The sequel to Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet finds the Solar Queen banned from trade and starting her supposed quiet two-year stint as an interstellar mail carrier. But instead her crew accepts a visit to the safari planet of Khatka, where they find themselves caught in a battle between the forces of reason and the powers of Khatka’s mind-controlling wizard.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Komog and they swung low to get a good picture of a water rat emerging from the river. Suddenly there was a snarl behind them and they found themselves sharing the flitter with a lioness annoyed at finding no meat waiting on board.

"Luckily, they both wore stass belts; but they had to land the flitter and leave until the lioness wandered off, and she seriously damaged the machine in her irritation. So now our guards play no more fancy tricks while on taming runs. Tomorrow—no," he corrected himself, "the day after tomorrow I will be able to show you how the process works."

"And tomorrow?" inquired the captain.

"Tomorrow my men make hunting magic." Asaki's voice was expressionless.

"Your chief witch doctor being?" questioned Tau.

"Lumbrilo." The Chief Ranger did not appear disposed to add to that but Tau pursued the subject.

"His office is hereditary?"

"Yes. Does that make any difference?" For the firs. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a strange mix of science fiction and fantasy. A crew of a trader spaceship ended up on a planet where voodoo magic works and bad people are using it for their nefarious purposes. The ship's doctor happened to be fairly proficient in voodoo as well (while being a good guy). He might be able t

Voodoo Planet was the last of Andre Norton's (or Andrew North's) Solar Queen adventures. It was written at a time when science fiction was for boys, or grown up boys, so don't expect to find any girls getting in the way. Having said that, the author does not meekly submit to the racial views prevale

Ummm... yeah. Sometimes a writer of fantastic stories can go a bit too far into Saturday morning cartoon territory. The third entry of the Solar Queen series has the working-class interplanetary tradesmen ending up on a jungle planet where the powers of voodoo are very real and they get caught up in

Book three of the solar queen trilogy.

A good entry in the trilogy. Can be read without reading the previous novels. Andrea norton is a grand master of sci-fi . These stories are too notch. This time the crew leaves the tramp freighter behind to go on a sort of Alex quartermain style adventure.

This is an entertaining, quick, vintage sci fi.

There are less than a handful of crew on the Solar Queen as it starts a demoted trek from trade to international a mail carrier. Before their route begins, they are visited by a chief ranger seeking help on his home planet Khatka. Khatka is a colony pl

Andre Norton was my favorite author back in the 70s. Has it really been that long?
Sci-fi psycho-thriller.
Ross and most of the crew find themselves in the middle of a struggle for power over an alien planet. Only Tau, the Solar Queen's doctor, can unlock the mystery that places people under the spell

Not the best in the series. Diction is great but the story, well it is just so 1950s. :) Okay while the first two in the series showed their age, they were still great stories that involved interesting characters. No so much here. It is extremely short, which to me seemed to hinder Norton's ability

Good classic SiFi story my one of the masters of the Genre. Recommended


К сожалению, в этой истории не было ни космических приключений, ни необычной торговли. Только далекая планета, необычные животные, местные колдуны и экипаж "Королевы Солнца", пытающийся выжить в борьбе с упомянутыми животными и колдунами.

Было интересно, но хорошо, что новелла. Прочиталась быстро.

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