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A Vindication of Natural Diet.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Book Overview: 

A Vindication of Natural Diet is an 1813 essay by Percy Bysshe Shelley on vegetarianism and animal rights.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Never did sage or singer, prophet or priest, or poet, see a brighter vision of the future than that which is imaged in the description of a glorified earth, from which cruelty, bloodshed, and tyranny, have been banished.

"My brethren, we are free! The fruits are glowing Beneath the stars, and the night-winds are flowing O'er the ripe corn. The birds and beasts are dreaming. Never again may blood of bird or beast Stain with its venomous stream a human feast, [Pg 6]To the pure skies in accusation steaming; Avenging poisons shall have ceased To feed disease and fear and madness; The dwellers of the earth and air Shall throng around our steps in gladness, Seeking their food or refuge there. Our toil from thought all glorious forms shall cull, To make this earth, our home, more beautiful; And Science, and her sister Poesy, Shall clothe in light the fields and cities of the free!" *         *         *  &nb. . . Read More

Community Reviews

“Unsophisticated instinct is invariably unerring; but to decide on the fitness of animal food, from the perverted appetites which its contrained adoption produce, is to make the criminal a judge in his own cause; it is even worse, it is appealing to the infatuated drunkard in a question of the salub

Percy Bysshe Shelley was notably very much ahead of his time. While there was a major vegetarian movement at the time (Alexander Pope and John Gay, a little time before, had also been advocates for the diet), but not only was it not quiet so large as it is today, no one had really delved quiet the w

As both a vegan and an English, I felt that Shelley's A Vindication of Natural Diet was a must read. Shelley's activism here (and his status as "the first celebrity vegan") shows how ahead of his time the Romantic poet truly was. While his arguments tend to be mostly health-related, he really does e

Long before vegetarianism became popular and intensive livestock farming was a topic,
P.B. Shelley (one of my favourite English poets) contemplated on why eating meat is unnatural for humans and which negative implications it has on health.
Further he critically addresses the concept of spending more

Good Read: Short and Quick

This essay is good for anyone who might have an interest in how a vegetarian diet was viewed in the romantic period. The main reason I read this, though, is that I like Mary's work and decided to give her husband's work a try. This was my first Percy Shelley piece. As a dis

Well-known poet Percy Shelley applies empiricist principles to human biology. As with all empiricism, there are some big problems, but this is a useful beginning to thought on nutrition, with a little bit of politics thrown in. His conviction is affecting and the aesthetics of it bolster his defense

The purpose of this written piece by Shelly was to inform the reader of the benefits of a vegetable based diet and the need, the most dire need to show compassion to other sentience. He details with articulate prowess the need to call and end to the hostilities of consuming the flesh of those which