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Vikram and the Vampire

Sir Richard Francis Burton

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But this is easily explained: a man intent upon squaring the circle will see squares in circles wherever he looks, and sometimes he will find them.

In disputed cases of money claims, the king adhered strictly to established practice, and consulted persons learned in the law. He seldom decided a cause on his own judgment, and he showed great temper and patience in bearing with rough language from irritated plaintiffs and defendants, from the infirm, and from old men beyond eighty. That humble petitioners might not be baulked in having access to the ‘fountain of justice,’ he caused an iron box to be suspended by a chain from the windows of his sleeping apartment. Every morning he ordered the box to be opened before him, and listened to all the placets at full length. Even in this simple[Pg 34] process he displayed abundant cautiousness. For, having forgotten what little of the humanities he had mastered in his youth, he would hand the paper to a s. . . Read More

Community Reviews

โดยสวนตัวชอบสำนวนโบราณกำลังดีแบบนัน เนือหา
อานเพลินดี แมเรืองราวจะเกิดในยุคโบราณ แตมีคติความคิดหลายสวนทียังนมสนใจอยูในปัจจุบัน สำนวนอารมณขันกมีแทรกใหบันเทิงใจอยูเรือยไป

ประเดนของเรืองแทบทุกเรืองเกียวของกับการแตงงานและผูหญิง หลายๆตัวละครเปนทุกขเพราะความรัก เหนเชนนีแลว กเกิดความพึงใจในความเปนโสดปัจจุ...more

I think reading this fine translation by Sir Richard F. Burton will do for those interested in ancient tales since they can learn more from those wise sayings and witty remarks from the Vampire's ten stories. Interesingly, this book written in Sanskrit, "the language of the gods" (p. xvii) has be...more

I enjoyed this collection of Hindu fairy tales. Granted that some of the references were foreign to my culture, but Sir Richard goes a long way toward both explaining things and making wry commentary either about Hindu culture or humanity at large.

These comments are also in the narrative of the s...more


เคยอานนิทานเรืองนึงคลายๆนี เรืองนันเปนนกอะไรสักอยางกับกษัตริยอีกสักองคทีอยากจับนกจอมไหวพริบตัวนีกลับวังมาก
เงือนไขของนกตัวนีรูสึกจะเปน..หามพูดประโยคตองหามวา "โธ..นาสงสาร" (หรือ "ไมนาเลย" อะไรประมาณนีแหละ ..ก โธ..อานมานานมากแลวนีนา)

saddened that I could remember only one of these stories that I used to read so ardently every month in my childhood...more

เฉียบมาก ทังปริศนา และการตอบคำถามนัน
เตมไปดวยการตีความทีคนธรรมดาๆ ไมสามารถตีโจทยแลวตอบปริศนาของเวตาลไดเปนแน
แมสไตลเรืองจะออกมาแนวจักรๆ วงศๆ กไมไดทำใหอรรถรสหายไป

Vikram and the Vampire, translated and adapted by Sir Richard Burton, is a group of tales told by a baital (not really a vampire but a kind of spirit who can inhabit dead bodies) to King Vikram (described by Burton as the King Arthur of India). The stories are somewhat in the style of the tales o...more

Think I missed most of the significance of this because I didn't get the references. Characters were often killed off as "moral messages" and the overall message of the book seemed to be that the only way you can "capture" your vampire is by keeping your mouth shut no matter how tempted you may b...more

An entertaining & unusual set of tales set within a larger storytelling framework. I found the intro & conclusion (which set the framework as to why the tales are being told) to be more interesting than the tales themselves. The vampire/baital is a tricky & fun narrator of these moral...more

Vikram and the Vampire is a number of stories within a story. It is an old Hindu folk tale that was translated by Sir Richard R. Burton from the original Sanskrit. He’s possibly more well known for his translations of The Arabian Nights and The Kama Sutra.

The story is about King Vikram who has pr...more

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