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Viking Tales

Jennie Hall

Book Overview: 

Viking tales are tales from Iceland, featuring the King Halfdan and his son Harald.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Even as we went, a spear whizzed through the air, and Hakon fell dead; for the king and all his men were running to the shore.

"'After them!' they were shouting.

"Then we heard the king call to the men in his boats lying out in the water:

"'Row to shore and take us in.'

"Thorkel was standing by my side. At that he laughed and said:

"'They do not answer. He left but a handful to guard his ships. They tasted our swords. And we went aboard and broke the oars and threw the sails into the water. It will be slow going for Havard to-night.'

[46]"Then he turned to the shore and sang out loudly:

"'King Havard's ships are dead:
Olaf's dragon flies.
King Havard stamps the shore:
Olaf skims the waves.
King Havard shakes his fist.
Olaf turns and laughs.'

"That was the end of our meeting with King Havard."


[5] See note about beds on page . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a fictionalized account covering the life of Norse king Harald Hairfair, the settling of Iceland and Greenland, and the story of Leif Ericsson. It was an okay account, but for the target audience, I'd rather recommend The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway. It covers much of the same material, is

This is how and for what purpose the author created this book in 1902:
(Kindle Ed., p. 92)
The head of the history department who planned this course says it is "in a sense a dramatization of the development of geographical knowledge."

The book is truly delightful compared to most of the other Viking

Şu masal serisinde okuduğum en eli-yüzü düzgün kitap buydu.

Tek bir ateşin etrafında toplanıp söylenen ve dinlenen o güzel masallar, Buz ülke, yeşil ülke, üzüm ülkesi; İzlanda ve Norveç topraklarını yuvaları bilen Vikingler, şimdi işte o güzel masallarda, minnetle ve hayranlıkla anılıyor.

Diğer bütün ülkelerin masal serilerini merak ettim. En kısa zamanda diğ

I liked this book because of all the stories in it.

Viking Tales...This is a charming little book narrating the tales of two of the greatest Viking leaders in History. The journey starts in Norway with the birth of Harald Finehair, son of Halfdan the Black. Harald was the one who united the lesser kingdoms of Norway and formed a united, powerful nati

Currently reading through this for the third time and enjoying the stories very much, even though I know what is coming. What a great picture of the life of the peoples of old Norway! My mind is full of rich pictures of what life must have been like!

This book was interesting enough to have 3 little girls asking for one more chapter each time we read

Beautiful short tales simple enough for children but for adults too. These tales are about Viking adventures exploring the world. They went as far as the US. Imagine them braving the Atlantic ocean on their magnificent viking ships. Their forays out of motherland Norway resulted in settlements in Ir

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