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The Untamed

Max Brand

Book Overview: 

Whistlin' Dan Berry is one of the most interesting characters in Western fiction. With uncanny abilities he controls a wild stallion, appropriately named Satan, and a ferocious wolf dog, Black Bart. Easy going, Berry proves absolutely unforgiving when physically assaulted by a feared, vicious outlaw, Jim Silent. Seemingly without any emotions, Whistlin' Dan is relentless in his vengeful search for Silent and his outlaw gang. The is the first book in the "Whistlin Dan" series.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Not another man in the room stirred from his place. Some sat with their cards raised in the very act of playing. Some had stopped midway a laugh. One man had been tying a bootlace. His body did not rise. Only his eyes rolled up to watch.

Dan darted under the outstretched arms of Silent, fairly heaved him up from the floor and drove him backwards. The big man half stumbled and half fell, knocking aside two chairs. He rushed back with a shout, but at sight of the white face with the thin trickle of blood falling from the lips, and at the sound of that inhuman laughter, he paused again.

Once more Dan was upon him, his hands darting out with motions too fast for the eye to follow. Jim Silent stepped back a half pace, shifted his weight, and drove his fist straight at that white face. How it happened not a man in the room could tell, but the hand did not strike home. Dan had swerved aside as lightly as a wind-blown feather and his fi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure what to think of the main character, Whistlin' Dan. I was never sure what he was going to do but whatever he did always seemed true to his character. Whistlin' Dan was a very likable character but in a way I felt sorry for him and I always worried about him. I s...more

Max Brand was one of about 10 pen names used by Frederick Faust. This book was published in 1919 and was the first in a series of Dan Barry westerns. Pulp westerns like this one could be sappy and cliche-ridden, but Faust wrote well. He was also the creator of Dr. Kildare.

A Classic
Many twists. A little confusing. Quiet guy gets beat up by a bully, is scorned by everyone and ends up cleaning up the bad guys.
A classic.

Review of "The Untamed" by John Lietzke

Like other western books I Iiked this to too. I rated this book by giving it four stars. The story had good ending!

While I enjoyed this story, it had a little bit too much supernatural about it. It's supposed to be a straight western, but Whistling Dan is just too unusual.

Whistlin' Dan is quite an unusual and mysterious character. He appears simple, naive, mild mannered, and unassuming to strangers; but watch out if you push him too far. He becomes like a panther, with strength unequaled. He is totally loyal to his friends and good people in general. He has two de...more

Dan Barry is an unusual man, or is he a man? He seems to have other-worldly characteristics that help him protect and avenge those around him. He is the superhero of the old west. He appears to be a mild-mannered, child-like young fellow who is sheltered from the goin's on down in town and the ne...more

Westernové paparbacky vydavateľstva Návrat :-) zo zlatých deväťdesiatych.

Dan Barry, along with a black stallion named Satan, and his dog Black Bart,really more of a wolf are headed for trouble with outlaws in this thriller.

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