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An Unsocial Socialist

Bernard Shaw

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I thought his life in danger? I have reasons—I know that he is only gone away."

"Oh, indeed! He took his portmanteau with him, did he? Perhaps he has gone to Paris to buy you something nice and give you a pleasant surprise."

"No," said Henrietta dejectedly. "He knew that I wanted nothing."

"Then I suppose he got tired of you and ran away."

Henrietta's peculiar scarlet blush flowed rapidly over her cheeks as she flung Agatha's arm away, exclaiming, "How dare you say so! You have no heart. He adored me."

"Bosh!" said Agatha. "People always grow tired of one another. I grow tired of myself whenever I am left alone for ten minutes, and I am certain that I am fonder of myself than anyone can be of another person."

"I know you are," said Henrietta, pained and spiteful. "You have always been particularly fond of yourself."

"Very likely he resembles me in that respect. In that case he will grow . . . Read More

Community Reviews

George Bernard Shaw was a master of the satire, and he used his pen as a knife to cut through the bejeweled ribbons of a class structure that he found to be both unsustainable and at the pinnacle of it's success.

In this work, he elucidates the concepts of socialism far better than any of the actual

لم يكن الكتابُ ممتعاً من حيثُ اللغة الراقية التي استخدمها شو في الكتابة أو الدكتور ثروت عُكاشة في الترجمة, كذلك لم تَكمن متعة الكتاب في تَصفُح آراء شو و ربطِه بينَ شخصيات مسرحيات فاجنر الخيالية و الواقع, بل مُتعتي المُفضلة التي خرجت بها من قراءة مولَع بفاجنر, كانت الفرصة لرؤية الموسيقى التي لمست قل

كتاب لبرنارد شو في نقد موسيقى الألماني فاجنر
في البدء تحسب أنّ الكتاب مجرد نقد موسيقى لعمل أوبرالي عادي قبل أن يكشف بيرنارد شو عن شيء كبير جدا وهو أنّ عمل فاجنر العظيم (خاتم النبييلونج) هي دراما موسيقية رمزية بالغة الأثر، وهي بعمقها وأصالتها تشكل الرافد الفلسفي ‏الأساسي لأطروحات نيتشه وإنسانه الأعلى،

A sinopse deste livro prometia muito, mas não gostei tanto como estava à espera. Não senti empatia pelo protagonista ou por qualquer outra personagem (talvez, Agatha), achei a história incoerente. Começou muito bem, e acabou como um romance aborrecido e sem lógica.

O livro é, supostamente, uma sátira

ربما لو قرات هذا الكتاب في الماضي ما كنت لافهمه. هناك كتب عندما يحين وقت قراءتها هي من تناديك كان الكتب تمتلك ارواحا تجذبك اليها اذا كانت روحك ستتوافق مع روحها وتنفرك منها اذا لم تكن جاهزا بعد لاكتشافها. وموسيقى فاغنر من اجمل ما سمعت من اين جاء بكل ذلك الجمال. اوبرا خاتم النيبولينج (شكل من اشكال الم

9* em 10

Sidney Trefusis, son and heir to a cotton merchant, despises the world of class and privilege he was born into and takes up the socialist cause. Deserting his wife of six weeks, he poses as a laborer and-once rumbled in that guise-as a gentleman agitator for the socialist cause. But chief among his

It was back in the days, when I had a compulsion for buying books, that I found myself in the back alleys of the famous M.G. Road in Bangalore. I was wandering without purpose when I found myself in front of a second-hand-book-store. I was in love with graphic novels then, having discovered Moore re

الكتاب يدور حول وجهة نظر برنارد شو إلى مسرحية (خاتم النيبيلونج) بأجزائها الأربعة لفاجنر،،

وهي مستقاة من عالم الأساطير والآلهة والأرواح والخير والشر، ولكن (شو) لا يراها كذلك، فهو في هذا الكتاي يسقط أحداثها بعد تلخيصها على الواقع والنظم التي تحكمه ورموز شخصياتها الأسطورية وإلام ترمز من شخصيات الواقع .

Oh, my sweet Fabian Jesus, was Shaw ever unbearable when he wrote this! It is from his early(ish) years (1884), I grant him, and in his preface he draws a line between himself as young novel writer and the older playwright and man of political experience. I try not to confuse authors with characters

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