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Two Poets

Honoré de Balzac

Book Overview: 

Two Poets is the first book in Balzac’s Lost Illusions trilogy, which is part of his sweeping set of novels collectively titled La Comédie Humaine. The story is set in post-Napoleonic France, when the new bourgeoisie was jostling for position alongside the old aristocracy. We meet Lucien Chardon, a young provincial who romantically aspires to be a poet, and his friend David Séchard, who struggles to manage his father’s printing shop and falls in love with Lucien’s sister Ève. The picture of provincial life that emerges is laced with greed, ambition, and duplicity.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ash, decisive steps that youth takes at the age of twenty. David's generous offer of forty francs a month if Lucien would come to him and learn the work of a printer's reader came in time; David had no need whatever of a printer's reader, but he saved Lucien from despair. The ties of a school friendship thus renewed were soon drawn closer than ever by the similarity of their lot in life and the dissimilarity of their characters. Both felt high swelling hopes of manifold success; both consciously possessed the high order of intelligence which sets a man on a level with lofty heights, consigned though they were socially to the lowest level. Fate's injustice was a strong bond between them. And then, by different ways, following each his own bent of mind, they had attained to poesy. Lucien, destined for the highest speculative fields of natural science, was aiming with hot enthusiasm at fame through literature; while David, with that meditative temperament which inclines to . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The premise consisted of a lot I would like. The printing industry for one, an industry I have been working in for the entire 45 years of my working life. And the literary arts, us Goodreads people love that or we would not be here. That issue of the urbane life of the major city over the provincial

Excellent observation of human behaviour. Have the times changed? Oh, not so much! A writer will have to go through these humiliating experiences anyway and gradually lose his illusions. More than ever, man is greedy for money and power; art has no value in itself.

Some thoughts on the book.

This is such a wow of a novel. I gather that Balzac, in writing the vast book series, of which this is one, wanted it to be a document, as much as work of fiction. And so it is. There is a level of detail about subjects like accounting in early nineteenth century France and

Lost Illusions tells the story of a good looking young man who lusts after fame in Paris and as a result brings his supportive good-natured provincial family to bankruptcy. It's a rather long-winded novel. In common with many 19th century novelists Balzac does like to give elaborate descriptions of

Ο αμετάκλητα χαμένος κόσμος των υπέροχων λογοτεχνικών ψευδαισθήσεων…

Τι μπορεί, αλήθεια, να προσφέρει ένας συγγραφέας του 19ου αιώνα στο κοινό τού 21ου, εκτός από αναγνωστική έπαρση, καθότι ο Μπαλζάκ είναι ένας "Κλασικός", "Αναγνωρισμένος", "Μεγάλος", "Απαιτητικός" συγγραφέας και ο καλούμενος "σοβαρό

"No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman."

When I left the farm at the age of 18 and jerry rigged my battered Camaro into a sputtering, but functional machine that could, by the grace of all that is holy, get me to Phoenix. I might have bore resemblance to L

Unfortunately for most French people, they were forced to read Balzac in school and were not given the real time or context to fully appreciate his work. Plus they mostly only get the highly moralistic Peau de Chagrin and, fed up, finish their book report and never seek out Balzac again. That is qui

CONTRACT between the recent reader of Honoré de Balzac's Illusions perdues, hereinafter the party of the first part, and His Satanic Majesty Lucifer, Prince of Darkness and Father of Lies, hereinafter the party of the second part:

WHEREAS it is amply revealed in the aforementioned work of Balzac that

Honore de Balzac wasn't finished writing yet when he died on 18 August 1850. Yet at the time of his death he had already written a good number of journal articles and some 90 novels. The literary characters he had created are estimated to be between 2,000 to 3,000. Was he sick? Did he have some sort

(Book 912 from 1001 books) - Illusions Perdues = Lost Illusions (La Comédie Humaine #38), Honoré de Balzac

Illusions is a serial novel, written by the French writer, Honoré de Balzac, between 1837 and 1843.

It consists of three parts, starting in provincial France, thereafter moving to Paris, and fin

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