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The Two Noble Kinsmen

William Shakespeare

Book Overview: 

Set in ancient Greece during a war between Athens and Thebes, the narrative follows the title characters, Palamon and Arcite, noble youths whose friendship is destroyed by their mutual love for the beautiful Emilia. The subplot deals with the love and eventual madness of the Gaoler's Daughter, who falls hopelessly in love with Palamon. The play is based on "The Knight's Tale" by Chaucer, but also has echoes of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, as two of the major characters are Theseus and Hippolyta, who also appear in the earlier play.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .EMILIA.

There is a best, and reason has no manners
To say it is not you: I was acquainted
Once with a time, when I enjoyd a Play-fellow;
You were at wars, when she the grave enrichd,
Who made too proud the Bed, tooke leave o th Moone
(Which then lookt pale at parting) when our count
Was each eleven.


Twas Flaui(n)a.


You talke of Pirithous and Theseus love;
Theirs has more ground, is more maturely seasond,
More buckled with strong Iudgement and their needes
The one of th'other may be said to water [2. Hearses ready
 with Palamon: and Arcite: the 3. Queenes. Theseus: and his
 Lordes ready.]
Their intertangled rootes of love; but I
And shee I sigh and spoke of were things innocent,
Lou'd for we did, and like the Elements
That know not what, nor why, yet. . . Read More

Community Reviews

god, it’s gotta suck to be fletcher and constantly in comparison with shakespeare just by virtue of coauthorship. what the fuck was that ending though. everyone in this play needs to leave emilia alone forever

I've believed for years that I loved Shakespeare, but while reading the collaboration The Two Noble Kinsmen for the first time, I was gratified to have that love confirmed by my autonomic nervous system.

After reading the Prologue (obviously not Shakespeare) and the initial song (charming, generic,

A great story at the very end of Shakespeare's career, we get to see Hippolyta and Perseus again from Midsummer Night's Dream and see another twist of the triangular love story. It was certainly a collaborative work, but we still have Shakespeare's hand at work in many of the scenes.

Fino's Reviews o

Oh boy, oh boy ... where do I even start with this? I have honestly no idea how to rate this play, so I went with an unmeaning 3-stars-rating. On the one hand, I hated this play and everything it stands for. It's one of the worst explorations of masculinity in all of Shakespeare's canon, and the way

William Shakespeare’ın sadece belli bölümlerini kaleme aldığı "The Two Noble Kinsman / İki Soylu Akraba", Geoffrey Chaucer’ın "Canterbury Hikayeleri"nde anlattığı Theseus’un Kreon’u yenip iki yeğenini esir aldığı hikayeyi anlatıyor. Hikayeyi daha derin bir şekilde ele alması ve Oidipus efsanesindeki

Is It Shakespeare?
23 December 2017

This seems to be one of those plays where the main debate centres around whether Shakespeare actually wrote it – more than the usual debate if you include the discussions (for want of a better word) over whether Shakespeare actually existed, and whether he was just

This was the last play of Shakespeare and the last one on my 2015 list. My holidays were so busy I did not have time to finish this in 2015 but overall I am surprised I stayed on track as well as I did. I have learned to never quit something just because I fall behind. My life motto is:plod on. Not

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