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Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter

Elliott O'Donnell

Book Overview: 

After having a difficult time establishing a career as a novelist, O’Donnell discovered to his happy surprise that the reading public was very interested in his hobby of chasing ghosts, which he called “Superphysical Research.” After this, he made a habit of buttonholing friends and strangers to find out what experiences they had had with spirits and phantasms. He happily volunteered to camp out overnight in houses known to be haunted, and he made a concerted effort to discover any unhappy events that had, perhaps, led a ghost to inhabit.

This, then, is a collection of his juiciest remembrances of running down ghosts in Europe and America, both in peace and in the horrors of World War.

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Book Excerpt: 
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“We both looked in the direction he indicated”


He spoke only half in fun and I observed that his fingers twitched a good deal and that his eyes were never at rest.

“Oughtn’t we to put out the candles?” I said. “Ghosts surely materialise much more readily in the dark.” But he would not hear of it. All his experiences, he said, had taken place in the light, and he believed only spoof ghosts at séances required the opposite conditions. Then he regaled me once more with all that had happened during his occupation of the house. He was still telling me, when there came a loud rat-rat at the door.

“That’s a policeman,” he said; “he must have seen our light.” He spoke truly, for, when we opened the door, a burly figure in helmet and cape stood on the step and flashed his dripping bull’s-eye in our faces. On hear. . . Read More

Community Reviews

كنت متوقعة حاجة تفاصيل يمكن اكتر عن الأرواح و الجلسات او طرد الأرواح لكن الكتاب عن قصص مختلفة غير مترابطة عن مشاهدات مختلفة واماكن مسكونة

Since I've been wee little lad, I've been fascinated with stories of the supernatural, especially those that are purported to be true. Imagine my pleasure when I was frequenting a favorite used book store and found a first edition book from 1916 titled "Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter." T

ممتع ، مرعب ، مخيف ، تتتخيل الاشياء وانت تقرأها ، مغااامرات مرعبه ومجازفات لاكتشاف الارواح ( الجن)
عالم الظواهر الخارقة ، ايناً مايُيسمى ، فهووو عالم غريب ومريب


Fun enough. The writer's relaying of other people's ghost stories reminded me of today's TV shows like Paranormal Witness, but maybe a little more sincere.

الكاتب أسلوبه سلس وجميل في الترجمة يجعلك تقرأ باستمتاع رهيب وتشوق لإنهاء الكتاب صائد الاشباح ياخذك في رحلة مع مغامراته المرعبة والمثيرة لقد اعطيت للكتاب خمس نجوم لانه يستحق ذلك عن جدارة وانصح بقراءته بشدة لانه ممتع

This was okay...i guess I was expecting maybe some tips on techniques etc, but it was mostly just a recounting of various ghost stories the author had encountered over his travels, with a few run-ins he had himself.

Can’t they have someone with a more Vincent Price-y voice do these???? Stories were okay.