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Tom Swift in Captivity

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

Tom Swift is approached by Mr. Preston, the owner of a circus, and begins to tell the story of Jake Poddington, Mr. Preston's most skilled hunter. As it turns out, Jake went missing just after sending word to Preston that Jake was on the trail of a tribe of giants, somewhere in South Africa. That was the last Preston has heard of Jake Poddington. Preston would like Tom to use one of his airships to search for Poddington, and if possible, bring back a giant for the circus.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .P> "Well, Rad, we're after big game this time," Tom said. "I don't know what it will be that we'll get, whether animals or plants, and--"

"Oh, I knows, Massa Tom. Yo'-all means dem orchard plants that lib on air--dem big orchard plants." Eradicate meant orchids, of which many rare and beautiful kinds are found in South America.

"Yes, Rad, I guess we will get some big orchids," agreed Tom.

"An' I shorely will help climb de trees arter 'em. Or maybe we kin git de monkeys to frow em down, same as dey will de cocoanuts."

"Maybe, Rad. Well, now go ahead and nail up the rest of these boxes. We want to get started as soon as we can," and the colored man got busy, murmuring from time to time something about oranges and bananas and cocoanuts.

Everyone was occupied in getting matters in shape for the trip to South America, even Mr. Swift laying aside his work on his pet invention--a gyroscope--while he helped his son. And had Tom not been qui. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I read the Tom Swift Sr. books as a child and again when I got my Kindle in 2010. They are an easy read and enjoyable. It is interesting to see how writing has changed since these books were written.

Great adventure story for youth

The story was a fun read. It contained great adventure eiements such as travel, danger and overcoming adversity. I enjoyed the story for the time period in which it toke place . A good story for young people.

TOM SWIFT IN CAPTIVITY!!! We join our hero inbetween adventures; he is sad and more then a little bored. Suddenly his friend 'the eccentric gentleman' shows up and whisks Tom away on an adventure of a life time! Join Tom and his friend as they hike deep into the jungle!!! Will Tom and his friends su

Ridiculous even from the viewpoint of the series.

Also I wonder: while it is a fantasy of a rich kid, how did they figure people could go on vacation (our disappear) for weeks/months and have nobody even find it odd?

A fun read, not technically accurate, but it is fun to read about the adventures. One of those books I would consider a quick, fluffy book, intended for relaxation. Kind of like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books, it would nowadays probably be considered a youth or young adult read.

Tom Swift goes to South America to get giants for the circus. A period piece. No passports mentioned and of course all of his amazing adventures that no kid ever had, not even Indiana Jones, though he comes in a close second.

Really good old classic young readers book about a young inventor that invents this awesome inventions and then goes on these wild and crazy adventures, sometimes getting into trouble in the process.