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Tom Swift and His Wireless Message

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

Tom Swift & friends decide to trial an experimental airship near the New Jersey coast, and are unexpectedly swept out to sea by hurricane winds. Unable to steer or navigate without tearing the airship apart, the hapless crew must simply let the storm take them wherever it will. Unfortunately, the storm proves too much for the craft and Tom makes a crash landing on the uninhabited and crumbling Earthquake Island. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I will not take much space to describe Tom's. Sufficient to say it was modeled after the one in which Bleriot made his first flight across the English channel.

The body was not unlike that of a butterfly or dragon fly, long and slender, consisting of a rectangular frame with canvas stretched over it, and a seat for two just aft of the engine and controlling levers. Back of the seat stretched out a long framework, and at the end was a curved plane, set at right angles to it. The ends of the plane terminated in flexible wings, to permit of their being bent up or down, so as to preserve the horizontal equilibrium of the craft.

At the extreme end was the vertical rudder, which sent the monoplane to left or right.

Forward, almost exactly like the front set of wings of the dragon fly, was the large, main plane, with the concave turn toward the ground. There was the usual propeller in front, operated by a four cylinder motor, the cylinders being air cooled,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A jolly romp that gives away much of the plot in the title. Thus far these books are more enjoyable when they feature adventure in the air and at sea where they seem a touch of Jules Verne if Jules had been writing for a younger set and lost seventy nine point three percent of his ability as a write

I've been trying to read all of Tom Swift's adventures because I heard so much of them when I was little but could never find them. And there is a huge reason for that, which I'll get to...

The novel concerns Tom helping out a fellow inventor who can't get his huge plane to fly. Tom, flying his own p

While not the best of the original Tom Swift Sr. books, this one was a solid, fun read. Of course, as always, you must take into account that it was written over 110 years ago. That means the science is amusingly naive at times and the language/behaviors are very endemic to the times. It is still fu

Another great adventure!

I have been a fan of Victor Appleton's Tom Swift. The book are set back in time when it was great to see airships in the skies

After spending lots of time reading boy books written in the mid to late 1800s, I've finally continued my time travel experience to the early 1900s. The Tom Swift series is one of the earliest books in the Stratemeyer Syndicate (think The Bobbsey Twins Series, Hardy Boys Complete Series Set Books 1-

TOOOOOOOMMMMM SWIFFFT AND HIS WIRELESS MESSAGE!! Join our hero on this epic adventure of friendship, adventure, and two really annoying old guys!
Tom Swift gets a message from a guy he doesn't know to come fix his airship. Tom does! After rebuilding like his whole machine Tom finds himself flying th

Interesting primarily for what it can teach us about American culture in the early 1900s.

What a fun book! My favorite character is Damon - he is so funny! He blesses everything

6 out of 10

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