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Tom Swift and His War Tank

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

Tom Swift, that prolific youthful inventor, is engaged in trying to help the Allies win WWI. After reading newspaper accounts of the British tanks, Tom takes a sheet of paper and sets out to design a better one from scratch. And fortunately, he can throw the whole family business behind his venture.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Yet there was a worried look on her face.

During the next few nights Mr. Nestor made it a habit to take the short cut from the railroad station, coming past the big fence that enclosed one particular building of the Swift plant.

"I wonder if there's a hole where I could look through," said Mr. Nestor to himself. "Of course I don't believe in spying on what another man is doing, and yet I'm too good a friend of Tom's to want to see him make a fool of himself. He ought to be in the army, or helping Uncle Sam in some way. And yet if he spends all his time on some foolish contraption, like a new kind of traction plow, what good is that? If I could get a glimpse of it, I might drop a friendly hint in his ear."

But there were no cracks in the fence, or, if there were, it was too dark to see them, and also too dark to behold anything on the other side of the barrier. So Mr. Nestor, wondering much, kept on his way.

It was a da. . . Read More

Community Reviews

In this installment WWI is on, and Our Hero Tom is being asked why he does not enlist and go teach them nasty Germans a lesson! He does not explain why, creating further suspicion about Tom's courage. However, we soon find that Tom is indeed doing his party by inventing a tank. Spies try to get it,

Tom Swift and His War Tank was published in 1918. The U.S.A. participation in the first world war began in 1917, and the war ended in 1918. So, this was a good time to have a book in which Tom Swift invents a war tank. As with some of his other vehicle inventions, whether for the land, sea, or air,

This is actually more of an adventure tale than a science fiction or even speculative science story. It is also very obviously written as part of the war effort for WWI. The new tank is kind of interesting - both the description and the theoretical science that is mentioned. The story is a decent "b

This throwback to a time when Tom Swift Sr. is still a young man gives fans an inside look at the series. The book let's the reader meet Tom Swift and his soon to be wife Mary as they are falling in love. I found it quaintly enjoyable and interesting.

The only way to properly read this book is to first put your mind into the proper historical context. Styles of writing fiction for young adults were quite different in 1918 and this includes the portrayal of members of minority groups. This is a book in the set of original Tom Swift books, there h

Really good old classic young readers book about a young inventor that invents this awesome inventions and then goes on these wild and crazy adventures, sometimes getting into trouble in the process.