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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

Otherwise known as 'Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure', is Volume 4 in the original Tom Swift novel series. Tom persuades his father to use his own submarine to hunt for treasure on a sunken ship. The book follows his adventures in this pursuit.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Andy Foger, you let me out!" shouted the young inventor; and as Andy's mocking laugh came to him faintly through the steel sides of the submarine, the imprisoned lad beat desperately with his hands on the smooth sides of the tank, vainly wondering how his enemy had discovered him.

Chapter Five Mr. Berg is Suspicious

Not for long did the young inventor endeavor to break his way out of the water-ballast tank by striking the heavy sides of it. Tom realized that this was worse than useless. He listened intently, but could hear nothing. Even the retreating footsteps of Andy Foger were inaudible.

"This certainly is a pickle!" exclaimed Tom aloud. "I can't understand how he ever got here. He must have traced us after we went to Shopton in the airship the last time. Then he sneaked in here. Probably he saw me enter, but how could he know enough to work the worm gear and close the door? Andy has had some experience with ma. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The series continues to improve as Tom and his quirky friends go underwater in his dad's latest invention to find treasure! There are naturally rivals and much excitement as the group visits the southern hemisphere.
The first three books in the series felt so very dated, while this novel was merely d

The premise is fun. The plot is cute. The science was speculative and a LOT has been debunked. I laughed a lot through this one, especially regarding the science and the underwater scenes.

As with the other original Tom Swift books, there is a lot to wince about when it comes to how other races and

A good adventure

With their submarine, Tom and friends go in search of treasure. The submarine has a novel propulsion scheme that is the stuff of science fiction.

This is the latest book that I have read in the original series about the adventures of Tom Swift. After his adventures on the land, in the air, and on the surface of the water, he next went below the surface of the water, in a submarine that his father invented. It was originally designed and built

TOOOOM SWIFT and his (dad's) submarine boat! Read as Tom Swift nearly dies but wont go to the cops! Follow along as our hero and his friends hunt for gold! Gasp as our hero fixes the boat just in time saving everyones life!!! But will they get to the sunkin ship in time!?!?!? (I don't even know if I

At age five Dad got a house in unincorporated Kane County, Illinois. Although far from his job at Honeywell in Rosemont, he snapped it up because of a G.I. subsidy which had the government pick up the tab on the downpayment. The Meadowdale development was so new that there were no lawns, no sidewalk

Tom and his dad invented a submarine and did a race for gold against other people. Luckily Tom’s rudder system was better than the enemy shi and they won!

6 out of 10

Not horrible fast-paced adventure fiction, aimed at early teens. But I'm afraid the scientific inaccuracies piled up too fast and deep for me to ignore them, and I can't give it more than 2 stars. I know it was written in 1910, but diving suits and sharks and giant squids at 2 miles depth? Cruising

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