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Toilers of the Sea

Victor Hugo

Book Overview: 

This is the story of a man’s monumental struggle against nature, to win the hand of the woman he loves, and surmount every difficulty that Nature puts in his path.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ernsey clergy of a bygone[Pg 62] generation, very different from that of the present time, who in almost all the local places of worship display a laudable sympathy with progress. They had embarrassed Lethierry in a hundred ways; every sort of resisting force which can be found in sermons and discourses had been employed against him. Detested by the churchmen, he naturally came to detest them in his turn. Their hatred was the extenuating circumstance to be taken into account in judging of his.

But it must be confessed that his dislike for priests was, in some degree, in his very nature. It was hardly necessary for them to hate him in order to inspire him with aversion. As he said, he moved among them like the dog among cats. He had an antipathy to them, not only in idea, but in what is more difficult to analyse, his instincts. He felt their secret claws, and showed his teeth; sometimes, it must be confessed, a little at random and out of season. It is a mistake. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Imagine the perfect recipe, the perfect blend of elements. In many respects "The Toilers of the Sea" is that perfect blend. One part epic drama, one part satiric wit, one part ethnographic study of Guernsey Island in the mid 1800s, one part battle between man and nature, one part spiritual allegory,

Da sempre, con alterne vicende, l'uomo è avvezzo a lottare contro la natura. Ancor di più ad affrontare due delle forze più potenti e incontrastabili esistenti al mondo, spesso benevolmente unite a favorire i propri eletti, altrettanto spesso congiunte a vanificarne i sogni: amore e destino. Il tema

"Os teimosos são os sublimes. Quem é apenas bravo tem só um assomo, quem é apenas valente tem só um temperamento, quem é apenas corajoso tem só uma virtude; o obstinado na verdade tem a grandeza. Quase todo o segredo dos grandes corações está nesta palavra: perseverando. A perseverança está para a c

Some books are hard to rate. The ending is stupendous! Victor Hugo has a particular writing style, you spot it a mile away. If you have read his other books, you know what is in store.

I did not like all parts of this book. I am giving it four stars because it beautifully captures the power of nature

تجسيد رائع للصمت القاتل ... أنت الوحيد أيها القارئ من يعلم بحب جيليات لداروشات ...(view spoiler)[فجيليات الشاب الصامت المنعزل عن القرية يقع في حب مدللة والدها داروشات ... هذا الوالد الميسور مادياً يفقد ثروته بسبب غرق الدجاجة التي تبيض ذهباً "السفينة البخارية" فتخرج داروشات بإعلان زواجها من الشخص الذي ينجح في إنقا (hide spoiler)]

Nunca em todos os meus anos de leitura me deparei com um personagem mais carismático mais encantador que Gilliatt. Quem já leu o livro sabe do que estou falando, e quem ler vai saber e se encantar.
Esse livro é uma verdadeira obra-prima . No começo o livro é um pouco confuso pois as histórias dos per

بالنسبة لي هي أفضل ما كتب فيكتور هيغو، أفضل حتى من البؤساء، بحث فيها هيغو بالنفس البشرية وأظهر نبوغا في التحليل النفسي لدواخل ونوازع اللاشعور. كما أن حبكتها أحكم من حبكة البؤساء وأكثر تشويقا.

أنصح بقراءتها.

Of the three Victor Hugo novels most readily available in the U.S., The Toilers of the Sea is the least well-known and the one that Hollywood and Broadway have not transformed into pop culture hits. Set in the Channel Islands, where Hugo was exiled for a time, it recounts the heroic story of a local

Most beautiful thing I'm yet to read.

رواية تقع في 3 اقسام و في كل قسم يوجد عدد من الكتب .
لا أنكر أنّي بالبداية وقعت في لخبطة من طريقة هيقو بتقسيم الكتاب وتركيزه على كل شخصية بشكل منفرد ، حتى أني ظننت أنها مجموعة قصص عن بحّارين مختلفين ، لكن سرعان ماتتقاطع الأحداث وتترابط حكايا الشخصيات .
الرواية مليئة بالدهشة . فيها من الحب الكافي بتحدي

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