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Timon of Athens

William Shakespeare

Book Overview: 

The Life of Timon of Athens is a play by William Shakespeare about the fortunes of an Athenian named Timon (and probably influenced by the philosopher of the same name, as well), generally regarded as one of his most obscure and difficult works. Originally grouped with the tragedies, it is generally considered such, but some scholars group it with the problem plays. The play has caused considerable debate among scholars. It is oddly constructed, with several lacunae (gaps) and for this reason is often described as unfinished, multi-authored, and/or experimental.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Hautboys playing loud music. A great banquet served in;
FLAVIUS and Others attending: then enter LORD TIMON, ALCIBIADES,
Lords, and Senators, VENTIDIUS and Attendants. Then comes,
dropping after all, APEMANTUS, discontentedly, like himself.]

Most honour'd Timon,
It hath pleas'd the gods to remember my father's age,
And call him to long peace.
He is gone happy, and has left me rich:
Then, as in grateful virtue I am bound
To your free heart, I do return those talents,
Doubled with thanks and service, from whose help
I deriv'd liberty.

O! by no means,
Honest Ventidius: you mistake my love;
I gave it freely ever; and there's none
Can truly say he gives, if he receives:
If our betters play at that game, we must not dare
To imitate them; faults that are rich are fair.

A noble spirit.

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Community Reviews

While not one of Shakespeare's greatest works, Timon of Athens still has some merit. Here, the Bard takes another tale out of Plutarch and creates a universal story about greed and transformation and ultimate truth. Timon starts out as a wealthy and incredibly generous person, lending to Athenians w

YouTube kanalımda Shakespeare'in hayatı, mutlaka okunması gereken kitapları ve kronolojik okuma sırası hakkında bilgi edinebilirsiniz: https://youtu.be/rGxh2RVjmNU

Dünyanın en cömert insanıyken bütün maskaralıklara, eğilip bükülmelere, kıç kaldırmalara, çamur dolu dostluklara, yüzsüzlüklere, gerçek s

Now that I've finished Timon, I only have three more plays left until I will have read Willy's entire body of work ... like what?

Timon of Athens is an amazing play. It combines everything I love about Willy's work: a sulky ruler who is also overly dramatic and ridiculous, the best exchange of blows

Of all his plays, this is probably the most maligned, it being perhaps a collaboration with Middleton, but any way you look at it, it is a striking piece.

The simple plot gives way to wild passions and simple fortunes and some of the broadest brush strokes I've ever seen. It's also as stark as death.

This is Shakespeare’s best kept secret. After reading Coriolanus and watching the incredible movie I began to wonder what other masterpieces hid in Shakespeare’s complete works. Now that I’ve read them all, I feel safe saying that Timon of Athens is my favorite of all the generally undiscussed plays

This time I liked Timon less than the two other times I have read it. Much of it is probably not even by Shakespeare. and--although Middleton does his professional best to keep the first few acts chugging along--most of it lacks the spark of genius.

There are moments in Timon's rants which are chara

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