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Three Men on the Bummel

Jerome K. Jerome

Book Overview: 

Some time after “Three Men in a Boat”, George, Harris and Jerome decided to go on a cycling holiday through Germany.

This relaxed and gently humorous story of the three friends wandering in and around the Black Forest is colored by anecdotes, odd tales and Jerome’s comments on the German people and their way of life.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Then you will clamour for people to tell you where you put the oil-can, and what you have done with the screw-hammer.  Then, while you exert yourself holding the thing steady against a tree, you will suggest that somebody else should clean the chain and pump the back wheel.”

I felt there was justice in George’s rebuke—also a certain amount of prophetic wisdom.  I said:

“Forgive me if I seemed unresponsive.  The truth is, Harris was round here this morning—”

George said: “Say no more; I understand.  Besides, what I came to talk to you about was another matter.  Look at that.”

He handed me a small book bound in red cloth.  It was a guide to English conversation for the use of German travellers.  It commenced “On a Steam-boat,” and terminated “At the Doctor’s”; its longest chapter being devoted to conversation in a railway carriage, am. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Before our little jaunt into yesteryear, I must confess ... miss the irreplaceable dog, and his charismatic presence ...this sequel to , Three Men in a Boat, a hilarious story, lacks the forward charge of the indomitable animal, (more human than many) where is the fearless leader , Montmorency ? Thr

The Bummel provides too few laughs in comparison to The Boat (say one laugh for every ten pages, instead of ten laughs for every page).

Besides, the linear narrative does not agree with the three men. Yes, the anecdotes were missed (to say nothing of the dog).

Three Men on the Bummel is a sequel to the hilarious Three Men in a Boat. In this, the trio go on a bicycle trip to Germany without the dog. Whilst it was an endearing read, it didn't measure up to the previous book in the series.

It had its moments. Some parts were hilarious, others just fell flat.

As a followup to the more brilliant Three Men on a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), Jerome K. Jerome's three dimwitted Englishmen go on a bike trip to Germany, and silliness ensues. The author reminds me of a Jerry Seinfeld, able to see absurdity in everyday life. Never mind that it was written in

This is the zenith, the summit, the highest peak reached by a certain kind of British humour I like.
Those who are keen of PG Wodehouse may object a couple of things to this remark and probably they have their point: the thing is that I never read anything by Wodehouse (by the way: from which book s


This is the second book about the three London-based friends going on an adventure. This time, some years have passed since the boat trip, the dog is no longer with them, and two of them are married.

It's all about escaping, once again, and romping through a countryside without having the first clue

The book had tremendous potential, especially as it was building up on the hilariously great book ''Three men in a boat'' as we revisit the characters and what new shenanigans they are getting themselves into this time around. Sadly, this doesn't really take off like in the previous books, and while

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