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Three John Silence Stories

Algernon Blackwood

Book Overview: 

Three stories about Dr. John Silence if you want the shivers to run up your back, this is the right place to be.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It lifted a leg very carefully and patted his cheek gingerly. Its fur, he saw, was standing ridgewise upon its back; the ears were flattened back somewhat; the tail was switching sharply. The cat, of course, had wakened him with a purpose, and the instant he realised this, he set it upon the arm of the chair and sprang up with a quick turn to face the empty room behind him. By some curious instinct, his arms of their own accord assumed an attitude of defence in front of him, as though to ward off something that threatened his safety. Yet nothing was visible. Only shapes of fog hung about rather heavily in the air, moving slightly to and fro.

His mind was now fully alert, and the last vestiges of sleep gone. He turned the lamp higher and peered about him. Two things he became aware of at once: one, that Smoke, while excited, was pleasurably excited; the other, that the collie was no longer visible upon the mat at his feet. He had crept away to the corner of the wa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I like these quaint, antique stories of "psychic detective" John Silence much more than I do some of Blackwood's other ghost stories. I think the charm of these tales lies precisely in their old-fashioned air. Silence reminds me of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Lamont Cranston [the Shadow].

When reading many of the weird horror writers of the early Twentieth Century, one sometimes gets the sense that it's not that the situations were really that horrible, but that the protagonists thrown into them happen to be rather skittish, lily-livered, and needing only the slightest nudge to push

John Silence is a sort of psychic Sherlock Holmes, an investigator and solver of spiritual conundrums. Each of these tales highlights a different aspect of spiritual warfare, ghostly apparitions, a mysterious village, and a warning not to meddle in things unknown.

Entertaining fantasy listening

Tras darle un vistazo a Carnacki, me pareció que era momento de hacer lo propio con John Silence, detective sobrenatural de uno de mis escritores favoritos, Algernon Blackwood.

Realizó 6 historias en total, aunque en bastantes ediciones se tiende a dividir en 2 volúmenes: Three John Silence Stories,

I am a bit prejudiced against John Silence before i read this. Firstly i have read some story with him in it about a werewolf, wasn't a fan, also i already like some of his supernatural detective rivals so it was always going to be hard for him to break into an already crowded field. And he doesn't

I'm honestly not sure what to rate this collection.
The second- the cat town one- was bizarre- Silence did nothing but listen to the story and then explain what had happened (sorta) at the very end. It was almost as if Blackwood had an idea that he just added Silence in at the beginning and the end

More in my exploration of Edwardian paranormal detective/investigator tales. These stories had a little more interior depth than the Carnacki tales, just read. In part this is a structural effect. The Carnackis were framed as tales-told; we did not see any further into the speaker-adventurer's head

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