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Thirty-Seven Days of Peril

Truman Everts

Book Overview: 

Survival story of Everts trek through Yellowstone. Full of such vivid detail from the land to the animals.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .sonal harm, and, with the promise of reward, would probably minister to my wants and aid my deliverance. Imagine my delight, while gazing upon the animated expanse of water, at seeing sail out from a distant point a large canoe containing a single oarsman. It was rapidly approaching the shore where I was seated. With hurried steps I paced the beach to meet it, all my energies stimulated by the assurance it gave of food, safety and restoration to friends. As I drew near to it it turned towards the shore, and oh! bitter disappointment, the object which my eager fancy had transformed into an angel of relief stalked from the water, an enormous pelican, flapped its dragon-wings, as if in mockery of my sorrow, and flew to a solitary point farther up the lake. This little incident quite unmanned me. The transition from joy to grief brought with it a terrible consciousness of the horrors of my condition. But night was fast approaching, and darkness would come with it. While looki. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This story should not be lost to the ages. It's an amazing story of what the human body can endure when a person's mindset is positive. Everts was an inexperienced, near-sighted, "wannabe" mountaineer. He had no business being on an expedition team and yet, he found himself separated from his group.

Truman was a bit of an idiot and a very poor money manager but it’s an interesting story to listen to while driving through Yellowstone. There’s even a bit of humor. The audio is only 2 hours long and the narrator isn’t bad.

If you are going to/driving around Yellowstone this is a must read! It was very interesting hearing Everts account while experiencing the different parts of Yellowstone ourselves. I would suggest listening in the car with everyone.

A challenging read about misadventures in the Yellowstone territory. Crazy and interesting.

The book contains a map of where Everts became lost (Yellowstone Lake) but not where he was found (way north near Mammoth). I had to pull out a map of Yellowstone NP to locate the area. Then I realized what a Long Walk this poor man made.

If it weren’t for bad luck Mr. Everts wouldn’t have had any luck at all. But I suppose considering he actually survived his thirty seven days lost in Yellowstone, that’s not quite true. It’s only knowing what he endured to get there, I make that assertion.

When Everts was found thirty-seven days aft

I read this story aloud to my kids years ago when we were camping and we still talk about this incredible true story every time we visit the park. I decided to read it again- anyone interested in the history of Yellowstone will like this true story of survival as written and published in the newspap

Interesting to think about, not very interestingly written.

Very nicely written (and narration by Jack Sondericker in this Books in Motion edition from Hoopla).

The first time I read this, I kept trying to imagine what it would have been like to survive in the wilds of Yellowstone before all the trappings of humanity had been added. Would I have made it out alive?

After reading this for a second time ... and I'm still awed by Everts' experiences. This editio

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