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Teddy's Button

Amy Le Feuvre

Book Overview: 

Teddy loves to tell the story of how his father heroically died on the battlefield and guards his button jealously. But this brings contention and strife when a new girl comes to town. Teddy begins to learn what it means to be a soldier under Christ, his Captain.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Why did she stare at him so? Well, he could stare back, and then blue eyes and brown confronted each other for some moments with unblinking defiance in their gaze. At last Teddy's patience gave way, and twisting up his little features into a most grotesque grimace, he mounted a hassock to give her the full benefit of it.

Instantly, out came a little red tongue at him, and at this daring piece of audacity he gasped out loud, 'I hate you!' Then, as all eyes in the surrounding pews were turned upon him, and his mother's shocked gaze met his, Teddy crimsoned to the roots of his hair, and taking up a large Prayer-book, he used it as a shield from his small antagonist during the remainder of the service. As the congregation were leaving the church later on, the rector made his way to young Mrs. Platt, who was lingering talking to a neighbour. He was a grey-haired, gentle-faced man, with a slow dreamy manner in speaking.

'Mrs. John, what has happened . . . Read More

Community Reviews

My kids got the audio of this fantastic book, written by Amy LeFeuvre in 1896, for Christmas a few years ago. A precious story.
Here is the description:
Who is your most foul and cruel enemy? After reading Teddy’s Button, you may have a new answer to that question. Flamboyant Teddy Platt cannot keep s

The kids and I listened to this audio book through Lamplighter Publishing, and it was well done. We were captivated by the wonderful story of friendship, forgiveness, facing our weaknesses, and what it means to follow Christ.

The message is really subtle as a brick wall and I was initially critical of the book for that reason, but as the story settled in, it really made me think of my own struggle with battling my worst enemy. Often times I settle for "this is just how I am," where Teddy really made a decision to fight t

In her heyday, and it was a long one - she was immensely popular from the 1890s to the 1930s -, Amy Le Feuvre was The Religious Tract's Society's most prolific and popular author. Her tales always had a Christian meaning behind them and Biblical principals nearly always came into the story. 'Teddy's

A cute, classic children’s story about a naughty little boy becoming a soldier of God. Very sweet. I really enjoy this author.

This is certainly Amy Le Feuvre’s most popular book, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have some of her other books. My memory of the others is vague, but I recall the children in her other works coming off as truly childlike, while Teddy’s deep thinking and piety make him seem contrived.

Teddy is a young boy full of mischief. He is very popular among the boys because of his great story-telling skills and ideas for getting into mischief. His favorite story of all is the one about his father. His father was a soldier, a hero who died in battle. Teddy carries his father's war button ar

We have the audio drama version of this and have listened to it many, many times!

For Lincoln on his 6th birthday. August 2012
This is a shorter illustrated version of the original work but still long for reading in one session. A young boy is learning how to please his Captain by how he loves the people around him.

I had heard about this from a mom from school. I was not sure what I was getting when I got the book. I had to do a interlibrary loan and it came from another state. At first I was confused. There was a boy names Teddy. His father was a soldier and had died in war. Teddy had a button from his father

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