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The Tale of Tom Kitten

Beatrix Potter

Book Overview: 

The tale is about manners and how children react to them. Tabitha Twitchit, a cat, invites friends for tea. She washes and dresses her three kittens for the party, but within moments the kittens have soiled and lost their clothes while scampering about the garden. Tabitha is "affronted". She sends the kittens to bed, and tells her friends the kittens have the measles. Once the tea party is underway however, its "dignity and repose" are disturbed by the kittens romping overhead and leaving a bedroom in disorder.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Once upon a time there were three little kittens, and their names were Mittens, Tom Kitten, and Moppet.

They had dear little fur coats of their own; and they tumbled about the doorstep and played in the dust.

But one day their mother—M. . . Read More

Community Reviews

"His hat fell off, and the rest of his buttons burst." Isn't that a great line?

if you know they're naughty kittens don't let them out when they have to stay clean

Traditionally I start the year with a Beatrix Potter, I believe this is my 7th story now... so several more to go. As a child, although loving to read, I was not familiar with the Beatrix Potter books, so I'm catching up.
This is a sweet little story about three naughty little kittens up to mischief,

What really makes this book is the charmingly adorable illustrations. Also, KITTIES!!! <3 <3 <3

Does someone remember the movie Despicable Me made by Disney. One fine movie and it had an adorable scene of the 3 girls being read a book by their despicable and conniving (adopted) father.
The story that was read to them had three little kittens who were forced to go to bed by their mother. Let me

My kid's grandma bought us a 12 book set of the original Beatrix Potter books. I'll be reviewing them at random and out of order.

This one's been on loop at my house for the last few days. It's a general mix of typical Beatrix Potter kinds of child abuse, with an oddly light tone to it.

The mother ca

The Beatrix Potter books are really wonderful and my children and grandchildren really have enjoyed the stories. Recommended.

I love the Beatrix Potter stories, and this is no different. Tom Kitten and his siblings, Mittens and Moppet are sent outside to play until their mother's company comes for tea. They get dirty and lose their clothes. The kittens miss out on tea, and are sent to their rooms in punishment. Naughty kit

قصة جميلة جدا :))

image a telecharger gratuitement

شكرا جزيلا أختي أمنية على هذا الترشيح الجميل...بارك الله فيك أختي :)

Usually I am dead against dressing up animals in clothing because the indignity is unbearable and the smugness of their owners is incredibly punch-worthy (and I do not need any more persuading for that, thank you), but since my fondness of cats is barely in existence I would say if you vote for me,

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