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The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes

Beatrix Potter

Book Overview: 

Timmy Tiptoes is a squirrel believed to be a nut-thief by his fellows, and imprisoned by them in a hollow tree with the expectation that he will confess under confinement. Timmy is tended by Chippy Hackee, a friendly, mischievous chipmunk who has run away from his wife and is camping-out in the tree. Chippy urges the prisoner to eat the nuts stored in the tree, and Timmy does so but grows so fat he cannot escape the tree. He regains his freedom when a storm topples part of the tree. The tale contrasts the harmonious marriage of its titular character with the less than harmonious marriage of the chipmunk.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Once upon a time there was a little fat comfortable grey squirrel, called Timmy Tiptoes. He had a nest thatched with leaves in the top of a tall tree; and he had a little squirrel wife called Goody.

Timmy Tiptoes sat out, enjoying the breeze; he whisked his tail and chuckled—"Little wife Goody, the nuts are ripe; we must lay up a store for winter and spring." Goody Tiptoes was busy pushing moss under the thatch—"The nest is so snug, we shall be sound asleep all winter." "Then we shall wake up all the thinner, when there is nothing to eat in spring-time," replied. . . Read More

Community Reviews

a wonderful tale of whimsy

Another lovely story from Beatrix Potter. This one is about a squirrel Timmy Tiptoes, who – with his wife Goody – is gathering nuts to prepare for winter, hiding them in trees. Timmy is set upon by other squirrels who think he has stolen their nuts (untrue), and they throw him down a hole in a tree.

Definitely a weird one, but quite funny. A husband who runs away from his wife and also bites her! He then practically kidnaps the star of the story. Very nice illustrations, too.

Beatrix wrote this for a more worldly population. This was dedicated to an American girl and it is about a grey school, which they came from America. The artwork is most stunning in this story. The kids loved this one and so did I. The squirrels gathering nuts get into some troubles. A fun story. Th

"That Tale of Timmy Tiptoes" interestingly does not specify any of its characters to be children. The central characters are in fact two married couples. Yet what transpires would not be out of place happening to Peter Rabbit or Squirrel Nutkin. Furthermore still the plot does not have that sense of

Timmy & that whats-his-name chipmunk, uh, they're total assholes. Not so sure about the plot...sort of incoherent.

Some critics consider The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes one of Beatrix Potter's lesser tales, a slapdash attempt to appease publishers with a Tale about North American wildlife. The plot may be a bit thin, but the real problem with The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes is little Chippy Hackee.

Chippy Hackee is a chipmun

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