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The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

Beatrix Potter

Book Overview: 

Jemima is a domestic duck whose eggs are routinely confiscated by the farmer's wife because she believes Jemima a poor sitter. Jemima searches for a place away from the farm where she can hatch her eggs without human interference, and naively confides her woes to a suave fox who invites her to nest in a shed at his home. Jemima accepts his invitation, little realizing her danger: the fox plans to kill and roast her. Kep, a collie on the farm, discovers Jemima's whereabouts and rescues her just in time.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .What a funny sight it is to see a brood of ducklings with a hen!

—Listen to the story of Jemima Puddle-duck, who was annoyed because the farmer's wife would not let her hatch her own eggs.

Her sister-in-law, Mrs. Rebeccah Puddle-duck, was perfectly willing to leave the hatching to some one else—"I have not the patience to sit on a nest for twe. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I read this as a child, but that was a gazillion years ago. Thanks to a friend sending me a link again today, I got the chance to enjoy it again, this time on-line. It was incredibly interesting too, in some instances Beatrix Potter's animal and bird-centric perspective makes one feel a bit uncomfor

""I wish to hatch my own eggs; I will hatch them all by myself," quacked Jemima Puddle-duck."

and this ...

"Come into the house as soon as you have looked at your eggs. Give me the herbs for the omelette. Be sharp!"

He was rather abrupt. Jemima Puddle-duck had never heard him speak like that.

She felt s

There's a scene in the movie Heartburn where Jack Nicholson is reading this book to his very young daughter. He finishes it, and sits there stunned for a second. Then he shakes his head and whistles. "Whew! What a story!"

I concur :)

The plot of Jemima Puddleduc

This is a great book. A mother duck trying to lay her eggs. In trying to find somewhere to nest she encounters a sly handsome fox. I was a little perturbed when drawing near to the ending and wondered whether I should have read this to my 3 year old granddaughter. I hope she doesn’t have nightmares!

What a lovely, intelligent classic story. I didn't know I would like these stories of Beatrix Potter so much. Throughout the story, it kept me engaged on to what would happen. Great read.

Aus heutiger Perspektive zwar immer noch wundervolle Illustrationen von Beatrix Potter, aber eine doch sehr moralstarke Geschichte, die im Vergleich zu den heutigen fröhlichen Kinderbüchern fast schon melancholisch wirkt. Als Kind hätte mich die Geschichte wohl eher traurig als erheitert zurückgelas


For god's sake, leave the poor duck to hatch her own eggs!

I don't know if I should rate this one since I am not the target audience, but hey, I have rated books with fairy tales before :)

It's a good thing this one was very short and easy to read. Also, the illustrations are so adorable!

My kid's grandma bought us a 12 book set of the original Beatrix Potter books. I'll be reviewing them at random and out of order.

This one... It's pretty classist? Scatterbrained Jemima is desperate to have ducklings but the farmers keep taking her eggs. She waddles into the forest and meets a creepy

I'm not sure why I enjoyed this story so much and I did. Jemima, I think, reminds me of myself a tad bit. She takes up the archetype of the fool and walks blindly into her predators home. She even gathers herbs and ingredients to cook her with. Luckily the trusty dog is there to save the day. I love

After owning ducks and having a duck like Jemima Puddle-Duck, I have way more appreciation for this story.

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