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The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

The Magical Monarch of Mo is a set of stories about the titular king, his queen, and his royal children. The stories are uproariously funny, dealing with topics as absurd as a man losing his temper who then tries to find it, an evil midget who steals a princess's big toe, and an entire city filled with highly civilized monkeys! Join the Monarch and all his friends for a rollicking adventure, filled with fun for the whole family!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The Wise Donkey thought about the matter for a moment and then replied:

"I do not know a worse punishment than a pain in the stomach. Among the books I ate in the school-house was a trigonometry, and before I had digested it I suffered very severe pains indeed."

"But I can not feed the Prince a trigonometry," returned the King. "You ate the last one yourself."

"True," answered the donkey; "but there are other things that cause pain in the stomach. You know there is a certain island in Rootbeer River that is made of fruit cake of a very rich quality. I advise you to put the Prince on this island and allow him nothing to eat except the fruit cake. Presently he will have violent pains in his stomach and will be punished as greatly as you could desire."

The King was well pleased with this plan, and having thanked the donkey for his wise advice hurried back to the palace.

Prince Zingle was now brought from his room and rowed in a boat to the Frui. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I LOVE this book. its filled with fantasy and fiction and it takes place in a land where no one dies and you don't need money because every thing grows on trees! this book is awesome I loved it so much!! I don't really know how to explain it, it is so great. I HIGHLY recommend it for people who like

This book strangely feels like it was written for an audience younger than the Oz books. That's strange because violence seems to abound in it! People are getting their limbs or head cut off right, left and center; an entire country gets destroyed; a son tries to imprison his father to steal his thr

I thought this one was sillier than his other books, but I enjoyed it. It was primarily about the King of Mo and his royal family. The chapters are called "surprises" and I love the details in it. Like how everything the citizens of Mo need grow on trees, whether it be bicycles, swords or animal cra

This is probably the longest titled book I've read.

I was thinking there should be more with the animal-crackers after being sunk in chocolate mud.

Came across as absurd than magical. The succeeding Oz books are definitely better.

I probably first read this book when I was seven or eight years old, when it was my great fortune that Dover reprinted several of L. Frank Baum's non-Oz fantasies in easy-to-afford paperback editions. Although this wasn't my favorite of the bunch, I always liked The Magical Monarch of Mo, and I'm pl

Omg I loved this! It was so good to read. It has that old fashioned feel as Baum's books do. This collection of short stories is a definite favourite! Each story was so good. There is violence such as, A dragon biting the head off a king, a king kicking a dog and A monster cutting of a princes arms

L Frank Baum wrote not only the Oz books, which are still wonderful to read, but he created whole other worlds, such as The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People. Even though the inhabitants of this magical land are, in effect, immortal, they still wind up having fantasti

I thought I'd read and loved everything by L. Frank Baum, but I missed the MMM.
How could that happen?
Anyway, I loved this collection of stories about King Mo and his family who inhabit a world somewhat like OZ, but different.
Hilarious characters who do wrong, but make it right. Rivers of milk and tr

After disliking Enchanted Island of Yew, this book is next in this collection I own and this was far better. I'm in the non-Oz books of Baum now and noticing they are either good and just not worth it anymore. This one was good. I liked the Purple Dragon. Can't help but laugh at Princess Pattycake's

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