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The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

Stanley Lane-Poole

Book Overview: 

A history of the pirating activities along and around the "Barbary coast" between the 15th and 19th centuries, from the time of the pirate, Ujra Barbarossa, to the French control of Algeria in 1830. Although piracy had plagued all the world's waterways from the first time man decided to trade by boat or ship, authors Lane-Poole and Kelley tell mainly of the origins and "Golden Age" of the Moor pirates who rampaged the Mediterranean Sea from ports of call along the north coast of Africa.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Page_34" id="Page_34"> [Pg 35] understanding with him on the subject of royalties on stolen goods. The ports of Tunis were made free to the Corsair, and the king would protect him from pursuit, for the consideration of a fixed share—a fifth—of the booty. The policy of the enlightened rulers of Tunis evidently no longer suited their latest representative.

The base of operations thus secured, Urūj did not keep his new ally long waiting for a proof of his prowess. One day he lay off the island of Elba, when two galleys-royal, belonging to his Holiness Pope Julius II., richly laden with goods from Genoa, and bound for Cività Vecchia, hove in sight. They were rowing in an easy, leisurely manner, little dreaming of Turkish Corsairs, for none such had ever been seen in those waters, nor anything bigger than a Moorish brigantine, of which the Papal marines were prepared to give a good account. So the two galleys paddled on, some ten leagues as. . . Read More

Community Reviews

"The Barbary Corsairs" or "The Story of the Barbary Corsairs", a very entertaining and interesting read, published in 1890 and a good way to get acquainted with the problem of pirates in the Mediterranean between the 16th and 19th centuries. It then extends on French colonialism in the 19th century,

Es indispensable si quieressaber cómo era la piratería en el Mediterráneo y sobre todo de Argel, cautivos , tipo de galeras y los grandes piratas. Se le hecha en falta algunos planos de la zona, ya que hacen referencia a zonas que ya no existen en la actualidad o han cambiado de nombre y tienes que

Britų orientalisto ir archeologo knyga, pirmą sykį dienos šviesą išvydusi dar 1890 metais. Neabejotinai galima šia tema atrasti ne vieną naujesnę (ir, matyt, istoriškai tikslesnę) knygą, bet kas pakliuvo po ranka, tas pakliuvo.
O pakliuvo labiausiai todėl, kad (ir pats nežinau, kodėl) visada domino b

The first episode is a short summary of the life of Barbarossa brothers which is mostly a of copy of Gazavatname-i Hızır Hayreddin Paşa. But this book published in 1890 so I should respect the author's enthusiasm on the topic.

This book was pretty much as expected. The history is very much out of date, and Lane-Poole wears his British on every page. I didn't read it for balance, I read it for the anecdotes, and Lane-Poole came through on that.

Older histories, especially 19thc ones, always get off to a slow start. You have

This review formerly published on Amazon for what may be another edition.

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