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Storm Over Warlock

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

The Throg task force struck the Terran survey camp a few minutes after dawn, without warning, and with a deadly precision which argued that the aliens had fully reconnoitered and prepared that attack. Eye-searing lances of energy lashed back and forth across the base with methodical accuracy. And a single cowering witness, flattened on a ledge in the heights above, knew that when the last of those yellow-red bolts fell, nothing human would be left alive down there.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Shann now was dotted by splotches of that radiance, not as brilliant as the chemical-born flames the attackers had kindled in the camp, but as quick to betray the unwary who passed within their dim circles. And there had never been any reason to believe that Throg powers of sight were less than human; there was perhaps some evidence to the contrary. Shann crouched, charting the clumps ahead for a zigzag course which would take him to at least momentary safety in the river bed.

Perhaps a mile downstream was the transport the Terrans had cobbled together no earlier than this afternoon, a raft Thorvald had professed to believe would support them to the sea which lay some fifty Terran miles to the west. But now he had to cover that mile.

The wolverines? Thorvald? There was one lure which might draw the animals on to the rendezvous. Taggi had brought down a "deer" just before they had left the raft. And instead of allowing both beasts to feast at leisure, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This was one of the first science fiction books I read. I was completely blown away by it as a kid. I found it at the local library (with the same cover shown) and I must've taken it out at least three times.

Sometime in third grade the entire school was told to dress as a character from their favori

Shann Lantee, a poor and uneducated young man, feels fortunate to have achieved his goal of being included on a survey team of Terrans seeking out new planets to colonize. Unfortunately, here on the planet of Warlock, the team’s survey camp has been attacked and all but destroyed by the Throgs, an a

This book has an aesthetic of old generic science fiction that I can easily imagine a very deliberately retro cartoon tapping into (in a sort of Ariel Pink way). Ships like plates, insect people and reptile people, a colorful planet (but not especially lush) with glowing plants.

In the author biograp

Started last night. I've certainly heard of the author, though I don't recall having read one of his/her books before. The cover image is not exact, but it's the only one that depicts a bug-"person"(Throg) on the cover.

Moving on ... this 1960 book(my edition is a hardbound book, not paperback) in so

Storm Over Warlock is classic Andre Norton space opera. A young man who has been typically underestimated proves to have skills highly valuable to the situation in which he finds himself: alone on an alien planet, attempting to make friendly contact with the natives and avoid the enemies pursuing hi

In some ways when reading one Andre Norton novel is like reading all her novels. When I checked out her Wikipedia page I found this on recurring themes.

"Norton started out writing juvenile historical fiction and adventure, and then moved into fantasy and finally science fiction. Again and again in h

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