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Stories of Mystery


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .People trying to sleep here; a sick child up stairs. Listen! "Two stew! One roast! Four ale! Hurry 'em up! Three stew! In number six! One fancy—two roast! One sling! Three brandy—hot! Two stew! One whisk' skin! Hurry 'em up! What yeh 'bout! Three brand' punch—hot! Four stew! What-ye-e-h 'BOUT! Two gin-cock-t'il! One stew! Hu-r-r-y 'em up!" Clashing, rattling, cursing, swearing, laughing, shouting, trampling, stumbling, driving, slamming of doors. "Hu-r-ry 'em up."

"Flanagan," said Dr. Renton, stopping at the first landing, "do you have this noise every night?"

"Naise? Hoo! Divil a night, docther, but I'm wehked out ov me bed wid 'em, Sundays an' all. Sure didn't they murdher wan of 'em, out an' out, last night!"

"Is the man dead?"

"Dead? Troth he is. An' cowld."

"H'm"—through his compressed lips. "Flanagan,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

You know, I'm pretty sure most people like this (and Poe) for the kind of creepy slightly Gothic effect, but I think that is a very superficial and silly way to read it. The beating of the heart has absolutely nothing to do with redemption, nothing to do with guilt or anything, it has to do with...more

How Poe Wrote the Tell-Tale Heart

It was All Hollow’s Eve and Poe was at his writing desk with a pen in hand. No, it must be a typewriter even though they were not invented at this time. So, he was sitting at his desk typing on his typewriter, typing out a story of a man who had given another man...more

I've read this story, not the whole book. In my opinion, this is a masterpiece of suspense, and a powerful story about how a person's guilt will betray them in the end. I love the way Poe builds up the tension slowly but surely until the end, with a careful use of narrative. I believe this is the...more

Once a year, if you observe the horror holiday Halloween, you should read one or more of Poe’s chilling stories. Why not “The Tell Tale Heart”? I just this evening heard my neighbor Ann read it aloud before a gathering of block party neighbors in my street.

“True, nervous, very, very dreadfully n...more

Poor Edgar, always so sad, but he sure can write a terrifying story. I wonder if it was the drugs he was on, of if this state of mind made him turn to the drugs. Either way he was a master of the macabre, and he always caught your attention.
I think this is where my fascination with this type of...more

A collection of work by the illustrious deviant with the charming monogram E.A.P.

Let me begin by trying to be helpful for anyone out there looking to pick up a copy of Poe’s work: do NOT settle for this edition, for a few more bucks you can get the Complete Poe (several available editions). If...more

I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth.I heard many things in hell.

دوم.. دوم.. دوم
أهي دقات طبول الحرب أم نبضات بشري مسكين..؟

دوم.. دوم.. دوم
قوية ..جحيمية..مرعبة

دوم.. دوم.. دوم
لا تفارق عقل المجانين في دنيا العقلاء

دوم.. دوم.. دوم
ستسمعها طوال القراءة
وسترتعد كلما طرق أحدهم لأي سبب بجوارك


My first time to read and finish a collection by Edgar Allan Poe and I was just blown away. This was one of my two Halloween reads this year and it made my long Halloween weekend truly worth remembering.

Here are my reactions to each of the 32 writings included in the book by Edgar Allan Poe.


“I had always felt aversion to my uncourtly patronymic, and its very common, if not plebeian praenomen.”

“It was night, and the rain fell; and falling, it was rain, but, having fallen, it was blood. And I stood in the morass among the tall and the rain fell upon my head—and the lilies sighed one...more

No other writer evokes horror in its rawest, most human form like Edgar Allan Poe. Sometimes his stories are a blunt force trauma while others are drilled into the mind using precision instruments of terror. His themes and depictions of people's greatest fears are very diverse and uniquely constr...more

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