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Stories of Childhood


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ith meat and bread, and the rafters were hung with wreaths of evergreen, and the Calvary and the cuckoo clock looked out from a mass of holly. There were little paper lanterns too for Alois, and toys of various fashions and sweetmeats in bright-pictured papers. There were light and warmth and abundance everywhere, and the child would fain have made the dog a guest honored and feasted.

But Patrasche would neither lie in the warmth nor share in the cheer. Famished he was and very cold, but without Nello he would partake neither of comfort nor food. Against all temptation he was proof, and close against the door he leaned always, watching only for a means of escape.

"He wants the lad," said Baas Cogez. "Good dog! good dog! I will go over to the lad the first thing at day-dawn." For no one but Patrasche knew that Nello had left the hut, and no one but Patrasche divined that Nello had gone to face starvation and misery alone.

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Community Reviews

There's not much wrong with this book, and in all fairness, if I were more interested in children's literature than in fairy tales, I think I would've enjoyed the book more.

It is extremely well written and examines why children read what they do. I actually think I have discovered why...more

I enjoyed this book a lot. I generally like Maria Tatar's writing. Because this is aimed at a general audience, the writing is even more stylish and satisfying. However, because of the intended audience, I also found myself questioning some of the assumptions and assertions she makes. She's a lit...more

The last half contains quite a bit of golden literary analysis, when Tatar hits her stride and focuses on the literature as opposed to the psychology or attempts at cultural study. It's intriguing, thought-provoking, and will doubtless stir up some nostalgia for the reader's own favorite stories...more

Alright! I'm so glad I finished this book. I had to renew it at the library twice! But it was worth it.

Enchanted is a trip through the height and depth of Children's Literature. From horrifying tales told to stop children from sucking their thumbs (if you have a strong stomach Google Struwwelp...more

If you were a child who loved books, you should read this. If you grew up into an adult who loves books and still likes the stories marketed to children, you should read this. If you have children who you want to give the magic of books to, you should read this.

It's a literary analysi...more

Wonderful work so far...more

Enchanted Hunters is a thoroughly researched, well organized, and intelligently written examination of the complexity and wonder of childhood reading.

The author eloquently identifies why books have the power to captivate young readers: Held together by rubber bands, duct tape, and rusting paper clips,...more

This seems to go here, there and everywhere and lacked a coherent theme. I wasn't ever quite sure what the point was, other than the really broad stroke of "children's literature changes children's lives and is powerful." Tatar ticks off all the greats - J.R.R. Tolkien, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland &...more

This is an interesting, albeit flawed, work on the power that reading has for children. In particular, Tatar explores the mixed feelings adults have about children reading -- we all want them to do it, but then we worry that they're turning into "bookworms" and not socializing enough, or we worry...more

This author teaches folklore and children's literature at Harvard and some of her other books include annotated versions of classic fairy tales, so this is a rather scholarly look at some aspects of children's literature. She begins by connecting stories for children to storytelling for the whole...more

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