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John Muir

Book Overview: 

A great dog story, a well told tale — the naturalist and adventurer John Muir recounts how he and his companion, a dog named Stickeen, each, alone, confronted and conquered their fears of an icy Alaskan glacier.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Stickeen, who, finding I had left the camp, came swimming after me to see what was up.

When we camped early, the best hunter of the crew usually went to the woods for a deer, and Stickeen was sure to be at his heels, provided I had not gone out. For, strange to say, though I never carried a gun, he always followed me, forsaking the hunter and even his master to share my wanderings. The days that were too stormy for sailing I spent in the woods, or on the adjacent mountains, wherever my studies called me; and Stickeen always insisted on going with me, however wild the weather, gliding like a fox through dripping huckleberry bushes and thorny tangles of panax and rubus, scarce stirring their rain-laden leaves; wading and wallowing through snow, swimming icy streams, skipping over logs and rocks and the crevasses of glaciers with the patience and endurance of a determined mountaineer, never tiring or getting discouraged. O. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A wonderful story told by my husband's hero, John Muir.

John Muir is well-known for his mountaineering adventures, especially during storms. In 1880, Muir returns to Alaska to continue his glacier exploration. Stickeen is a small dog that joined Muir's party and proved to be a fearless explorer, s...more

This book is very special to me and my family. Stickeen's owner Samuel Hall Young was my great-great-grandfather. I am happy to see that so many people have enjoyed it.

It is a wonderful introduction to John Muir. It reveals much about the man and the small dog named in the title. I would recommend this short book highly to everyone who would like a taste of Muir's magnificent nature writing and heroic character.

A beautiful story about a man and his dog, a truly loyal friend. The illustrations are gorgeous.

I'm currently reading John Muir and the Ice That Started a Fire: How a Visionary and the Glaciers of Alaska Changed America and have come to a part in the book that mentions this wonderful little dog. I remembered that I had bought this a while ago from audible. Since it was short, i decided to t...more

When I purchased Strickeen, I thought it was a book that John Muir had written for children as it is only 70 pages long, not including the afterword and a chronology of Muir's life and travels. However, Strickeen was originally published in 1897 as a story in Century Magazine, a publication simil...more

The actual text I hold in my hand is by Heyday Books (copyright 1981) which was reprinted from the original 1909 Houghton Mifflin Edition.

John Muir is my favorite naturalist for the way he exulted in nature his entire life, for his consistently poetically vivid prose which sings to the soul, and...more

I dare you not to smile at the thought of Stickeen the dog, "flash[ing] and dart[ing] hither and thither as if fairly demented, screaming and shouting, swirling round and round in giddy loops and circles like a leaf in a whirlwind, lying down, rolling over and over, sidewise and heels over head,...more

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