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Stepping Heavenward

Elizabeth Prentiss

Book Overview: 

Stepping Heavenward is the journal of a girl named Katherine Mortimer. Katy meets a young man who she loves & wants to marry but her mother is very much against their plans. But Katy’s life goes on through her marriage & motherhood and many tragedies. Her life is a constant struggle to step heavenward.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I shall ever care for such books again.

Feb. 24.-Mother spoke to me this morning for the fiftieth time, I really believe, about my disorderly habits. I don't think I am careless because I like confusion, but the trouble is I am always in a hurry and a ferment about something. If I want anything, I want it very much, and right away. So if I am looking for a book, or a piece of music, or a pattern, I tumble everything around, and can't stop to put them to rights. I wish I were not so-eager and impatient. But I mean to try to keep my room and my drawers in order, to please mother.

She says, too, that I am growing careless about my hair and my dress. But that is because my mind is so full of graver, more important things. I thought I ought to be wholly occupied with my duty to God. But mother says duty to God includes duty to one's neighbor, and that untidy hair, put up in all sorts of rough bunches, rumpled cuffs and collars, and all that sort of . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I knew that it was a mistake to read this book. This was one of my absolute favorite books when I was an extremely conservative Christian.

What I thought I remembered: A little more religious Little Women (Or basically, Little Women meets Elsie Dinsmore)

What it was in actuality: Multiple sermons a...more

a fictional diary from the point of view of a Christian teenage girl who is hot-tempered and overanalytical (sounds like me!)... the story follows her as she truly dedicates her life to Christ, although she grew up in a believing family, and as she goes through life. first love, marriage, family...more

Fantastic! I was brought to tears many times. This novel, written in a journal format, shows the sovereignty of God and the peace that comes in submitting to it. It's a beautiful look at a life spent walking with God.
The library copy I read had many typos. I would love to own the Lamplighter ver...more

To me this book has become as challenging as some of the greatest daily devotionals (think Oswald Chambers) and inspired me to journal for myself not just the happy things of my life but my deepest spiritual struggles as well. There are so many ways that I can relate to Katherine's journey and ea...more

Am I really the only one who wasn't a huge fan of this book?? It was okay for a while. But it dragged... and dragged... and dragged. I WAS SO DONE. And it was kind of preachy and JUST NOT MY KIND OF BOOK. Sorry.

No, I'm not really sorry.
But don't be mad at me, though. xp

Hard to imagine life in a time when so few children lived past infancy that they weren't named until after toddler ages and were only called "Baby".

This fictional journal of a young woman's life begins at age 16 and continues through her courtship, marriage, and motherhood. Main character Kate t...more

Since I'm apparently the first guy to read this book in recent recorded history, I feel somewhat obligated to try and give it a thorough review. Unfortunately, the fact that I ended up reading it in two parts, over the space about five months, makes that somewhat difficult. Still, I will do my be...more

Written in 1869, this is a fictional journal of a young woman--her beginning, doubts, disobedience, growth, marriage, difficult in-laws, children, and her older days--and is still pertinent to women today.

It's good to read a book (the second time) in which the main character, at least in the main...more

I read this loads of times when I was around sixteen. Let me just say that most girls will relate with Katherine. Although I haven't read it for several years, this book has stuck with me all that time and I look back on it with a smile. When it starts I felt like I could side with Katherine. She...more

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