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Jerome K. Jerome

Book Overview: 

A comic look at the curious habits and customs of the inhabitants of ‘Stage Land’. Dedicated to ‘that highly respectable but unnecessarily retiring individual, of whom we hear so much but see so little, “the earnest student of drama”

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Everybody will see through my villainy, and I shall be nabbed in the end. I always am. But it is no matter, I will be a villain—ha! ha!"

On the whole, the stage villain appears to us to be a rather badly used individual. He never has any "estates" or property himself, and his only chance of getting on in the world is to sneak the hero's. He has an affectionate disposition, and never having any wife of his own he is compelled to love other people's; but his affection is ever unrequited, and everything comes wrong for him in the end.

Our advice to stage villains generally, after careful observation of (stage) life and (stage) human nature, is as follows:

Never be a stage villain at all if you can help it. The life is too harassing and the remuneration altogether disproportionate to the risks and labor.

If you have run away with the clergyman's daughter and she still clings to you, do not throw her down in the center of the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

'We shall never be content until each man makes his own weather, and keeps it to himself.'

As I was reading this, I was sure that Jerome wrote this after Three Men in a Boat and that it was only published on the success of that hit; imagine my surprise when I learnt that, in fact, he wrote this befor

Articoli interessanti, a volte, ma per lo più noiosetti e pieni di moralismo spicciolo.
Un paio di articoli sono invece molto divertenti.
Un libro evitabile.

هذا الكتاب لن يرفع بقرة عن الارض
لكنه سيرسم بسمة علي وجهك بسمة ارتحلت عبر الزمن لوجهك  من القرن التاسع عشر

عن الخجل؛ عن الحب؛ عن الجو ؛ عن القطط و الكلاب يحكي جيروم بتلقائية و بسخرية شاعرية

Нямам доверие на книги, които се афишират като "мъдри", някакви ню ейдж тъпни, псевдодуховни книжки за личностно израстване. Но ако книга носи заглавие като "Празни мисли на един празен човек", ме печели моментално и предварително.

Толкова е мило да четеш размисли за живота на някой, който не се взим

مقالات أكثر من رائعة تتميز بأسلوب هزلي ساخر ، الكتاب يعد وجبة خفيفة لفصل بين الكتب الثقيلة ، ستندهش عندما تعلم أن الكتاب من عام 1889 ومازال يلمس الكثير من المواضيع التي نعاني منها نحن الآن ، الكتاب يتكون من 14 مقال في مجالات مختلفة مثل الكأبة ، الإفلاس ، الوقوع في الحب ، الكسل وغيرها ، أكثر ما أعجبن

Safest bet on the planet, as far as reading an essay collection goes. Just enough humour to keep you engaged, just enough philosophy to make you ponder and nod, and just enough imagery to thoroughly transport you into the charming realms of slow-paced old world existence - Jerome K Jerome is surely

This is one of the wittiest, most hilarious books I have read in quite a while. I was quite uncertain about picking up this book because the only humour or sarcasm that I really enjoy is written by Oscar Wilde. Previous experiences have taught me not to expect much LOL-inducing wittiness from other

“What readers ask nowadays in a book is that it should improve, instruct and elevate. This book wouldn't elevate a cow. I cannot conscientiously recommend it for any useful purposes whatever. All I can suggest is that when you get tired of reading "the best hundred books," you may take this for half

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