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Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers

John Burroughs

Book Overview: 

Squirrels and other Fur-Bearers, a collection of essays by American naturalist and essayist, John Burroughs, provides fascinating insight into the daily life of small woodland creatures. Included in these essays are Burrough's personal observations of squirrels, rabbits, mink, and chipmunks, as well as numerous other small mammals. Highly recommended for anyone, both young and old, with an interest in nature and wildlife.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .On some still day in autumn, one of the nutty [p17] days, the woods will often be pervaded by an undertone of sound, produced by their multitudinous clucking, as they sit near their dens. It is one of the characteristic sounds of fall.

I was much amused one October in watching a chipmunk carry nuts and other food into his den. He had made a well-defined path from his door out through the weeds and dry leaves into the territory where his feeding-ground lay. The path was a crooked one; it dipped under weeds, under some large, loosely piled stones, under a pile of chestnut posts, and then followed the remains of an old wall. Going and coming, his motions were like clock-work. He always went by spurts and sudden sallies. He was never for one moment off his guard. He would appear at the mouth of his den, look quickly about, take a few leaps to a tussock of grass, pause a breath with one foot raised, slip quickly a few yards over some dry leaves, pause again by. . . Read More

Community Reviews

“The chipmunk is quite a solitary creature; I have never known more than one to occupy the same den. Apparently no two can agree to live together. What a clean, pert, dapper, nervous little fellow he is!”

“There is one thing about a chipmunk that is peculiar: he is never more than one jump from home.

Found this John Burroughs book while looking for Edgar Rice Burroughs books, and wiht Squirrels as teh main subject I could not pass this up. Early on in my reading I love his rather romantic naturalist writing style. One author said Burrough's created "a body of work whose perfect resonance with th

Another delightful book by John Burroughs. A playful and fun description of the various smaller mammals that roam our woods and fields. Burroughs is a wonderful writer and a well knowledged naturalist. This book will leave the reader with a great respect for the little critters of the wilderness and

An excellent nature study book for reading aloud or having students read- elementary and middle grades, too. (Even I learned quite a bit, since this was definitely NOT covered well in my public school education)

Good illustrations.

We liked to supplement the readings with YouTube videos*, but even bet

Delightful short book about the titular subject. Each chapter is about the author's casual observations of a specific furry little creature that one might encounter in many areas of the country (US). I have seen them all, save for the weasel and mink, in my own back yard. The setting of the observer