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Southern Stories


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .sion of the turkey brought with it strife and discord.

Quarrels arose between the friends as to the prospective disposal of his remains. We grieve to say that the question of who was to cook him led to blows.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. There was a coldness between the friends which was not dispelled by the bringing of a pint of cranberries to the common store by Jericho, and the contributing thereto of a couple of cold boiled sweet potatoes by Julius Cæsar Fish.[Pg 24]

The friends sat on an ancient wash-tub in the back yard, and there was a momentary truce between them. Before them stood the freight-car, and along the track beyond an occasional train tore down the road, which so far excited their mutual sympathy that they rose and shouted as one man.

At the open door of the freight-car stood the unsuspecting turkey, and looked meditatively out on the landscape and at the two figures on the wash-tub.

One had bow-legs. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The last time I read a book set in Indiana it was about The Greatest Town in America (First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity). Throw in Hoosiers, the occasional Pacers game, and a high-school production of The Music Man I saw when I was, at most, ten, and you've pretty much covered the extent of my exposur...more

If you ever wake up and find yourself in one of Frank Bill's stories, you better start praying. You got about five minutes left before something bad happens to you. There will be bone fragments. There will be catherine wheels of pain. Howling. Retching. One thing there won't be is mercy. This is...more

sorry, canada. i know i just gave tony burgess the title of "sick fuck," * but i am going to be taking that crown back now, and giving it to frank bill. oh, god - what is that shit clotted all over it?? tony burgess, you sick sick fuck. well done.

this book is...descriptive.

this is another one of those short st...more

Is there anybody left alive in Indiana by the end of this book?

Frank Bill delivers a brutal series of short stories about murder, rape, blood feuds, pot dealing, meth dealing, dog fighting, revenge, incest and the occasional shell shocked veteran cutting off a couple of ears. You know...more

The author Frank Bill delivers a lethal injection of literal pulp visceral darkness into your bloodstream.
He takes you to hell and back with these characters and stories.
Written in the same vein as Daniel Woodrell and Donald Ray Pollock. The stories are gritty, at times shocking and brutal, vig...more

If you ever wanted a Drive-By Truckers song put to the music of fiction, then this is your book.

Brutal and honest, Frank Bill delivers punch after punch of folks doing some nasty stuff to get by.

Tough to pick favorites here, as the book is just over 250 pages of flaming kerosene, but "Cold, Har...more

This book ::flails helplessly:: How do I begin to review these raw and ruthless stories and do them justice? I probably can't ladies and gents, but I want to try goddammit. Frank Bill's collection of crazies and crimes in southern Indiana deserves that much at least.

This is prose that sings -- not with the...more

After the first three stories (which will quickly sift out the Eat-Pray-Love lightweights), it's hard not to think of a Tarantino movie. Murder, rape, revenge, drugs, guns (lots of guns), dogs, meth labs, pot, booze, hard men and hard women, living in a hard land during a merciless time (the 1980...more

This book is to short stories as Howard Stern was to Phil Donahue. It is shocking, offensive, lewd, nasty, bloody, violent, crude, sexist, abusive (animals, people, families), and any remaining adjectives that evoke disgust. A drug induced slice of America I never care to go to........ever. The s...more

Though this is definitely a smart, often quite funny, and occasionally feelsy-makey collection of short stories about one of my favorite subjects in literature - them there classy, cousin-fucking, meth-addicted, wife-beating, date-raping, PBR-slugging racist rednecks - I think it's possible that...more

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