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The Sorrow of Satan

Marie Corelli

Book Overview: 

In this 1895 Faustian novel by British author Marie Corelli, we follow the journey of Geoffrey Tempest. Initially a starving and penniless writer, his good fortune comes upon him in the form of a huge inheritance, and the friendship of a character who "is not what he seems", Prince Lucio Rimanez. Geoffrey seems to have the devils luck about him as he climbs the social ladder, marries the daughter of an Earl, and is the envy of all high society. Inevitably his luck and good fortune begin to crumble as it slowly becomes apparent who Prince Rimanez truly is. Geoffrey reaches his crisis point as he is forced to choose his true master

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .You must have your joke evidently”—I said, throwing the end of my finished cigar into the fire—“And I see you are fond of satirizing your own good actions. Hullo, what’s this?”

For at that moment Amiel entered, bearing a telegram for me on a silver salver. I opened it,—it was from my friend the publisher, and ran as follows—

“Accept book with pleasure. Send manuscript immediately.”

I showed this to Rimânez with a kind of triumph. He smiled.

“Of course! what else did you expect? Only the man should have worded his telegram differently, for I do not suppose he would accept the book with pleasure if he had to lay out his own cash upon it. ‘Accept money for publishing [p 70] book with pleasure’ should have been the true message of the wire. Well, what are you going to do?”

“I shall see about this at once”—I answered, feel. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is one of those books that one comes across by accident. It is not featured in any of the anthologies or histories of English literature that the Tweed Mafia produces every year. A Faustian tale with a surprising twist at the end and a rather sympathetic Devil makes this a wonderful read. For t

حبكة طفولية بعض الشئ عن الإيمان والشيطان، لكن الشيطان هنا يشعر بالاحتقار والأسف لشرور البشر التي تزيده تعاسة، ويتمنى أن تفتح أمامه أبواب الأمل

للشيطان احزان تفوق احزان البشر مجتمعة ، لوسيفر الروح المعذبة الملعونة للأبد لا الندم يرجعه لمجده المندثر ولا التوبة مسموحة ولا شقاء أعظم من فقد رحمة الرب

رواية جميلة على الطراز الفاوستي كان بإمكانها نيل الخمس نجوم بسهولة لو لا خلوها من بعض التفاصيل الدقيقة بين مجريات الحدث وعدم الغوص في خطة الشيطان

The "sorrows" of Satan are many in this text, as the fallen angel takes the form of Lucio Ramanez and is bound to carry out a pact with God based on an accusation that he uttered in haste. To the best of his ability, he must tempt man to surrender his soul, all the while longing to redeem himself in

A fascinating and unintentionally hilarious book that illustrates wonderfully the difference between a book being popular and a book being good. Marie Corelli was perhaps the first best selling author (brought about by a move away from the library system to a private buyer system) and she wrote the

The glowing reviews everywhere really hyped this piece up for me, but I'm sorry to say that this book is sorely disappointing by modern standards. Don't get me wrong, it started rather well, but it then quickly ran out of steam not terribly far into the story... almost as if there was a diminishing

I can totally see why this was hailed as one of the first bestsellers. It was fascinating, dramatic, and easy to read, even with all the Victorian language. A bit ridiculous in spots, but I love ridiculous, so it's okay. It also has amazingly drawn characters, something I think is often lacking in a

This is one of those "lost opportunity" sort of novels. The premise of this book was a potentially clever and compelling twist on the Faustian legend. Unfortunately, Corelli, in her inimitable way, turned would-be Gothic tragedy into Monty-Pythonesque vaudeville.

Corelli's writing style--melodramatic

The soul of a sinner is indeed a sight to look at, the delicacy it feels of how fragile it's in the absence of its great Lord and Master, thus the soul of a sinner is sorrowful, yet in its sorrow it dons the cloak the repentance which brings a human's soul to the utmost point of clarity, that we hav

The book was amazing. I felt the language and the vocabulary very enriching and all in all, I felt like i learnt a lot from the book. The meaning of the story was very propounding and it touched very very interesting and philosophical concepts and themes that not all of us have pondering on. The rea

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