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Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

Friedrich Engels

Book Overview: 

The main idea of "Socialism: Utopian and Scientific" was distinguishing scientific socialism and utopian socialism. Engels begins by chronicling the thought of utopian socialists, starting with Saint-Simon. He then proceeds to Fourier and Robert Owen. In chapter two, he summarizes dialectics, and then chronicles the thought from the ancient Greeks to Hegel. Chapter three summarizes dialectics in relation to economic and social struggles, essentially echoing the words of Marx.

(Introduction by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But one after another these ungraspable things have been grasped, analyzed, and, what is more, reproduced by the giant progress of science; and what we can produce, we certainly cannot consider as unknowable. To the chemistry of the first half of this century organic substances were such mysterious objects; now, we learn to build them up one after another from their chemical elements without the aid of organic processes. Modern chemists declare that as soon as the chemical constitution of no matter what body is known, it can be built up from its elements. We are still far from knowing the [22]constitution of the highest organic substances, the albuminous bodies; but there is no reason why we should not, if only after centuries, arrive at that knowledge and, armed with it, produce artificial albumen. But if we arrive at that, we shall at the same time have produced organic life, for life, from its lowest to its highest forms, is but the normal mode of existence of albumino. . . Read More

Community Reviews

In my opinion, this is a better introduction to Marxism than the Communist Manifesto. The first chapter focuses on utopian socialist who tried to make reforms but ran up against roadblocks of the bourgeoisie, and since it was based on an unscientific view, it lead to a "mish-mash of critical stateme

Here, Engels sheds light on the theory and practice of socialism. We follow the evolution between the idea and the establishment of the system: the working class appropriates the capitalist means of production through an all-powerful state, which eradicates the concept of social classes, and, theref

Engels, seu lindo, por que tão didático?!
Essencial na pra compreensão do socialismo científico e pra entender suas bases (óbvio) históricas e ao que ele se contrapõe. Me parece que deveria ser a primeira leitura de qualquer pessoa pra começar a estudar o materialismo histórico dialético. Assim, ó: u

Aquest senyor és tremendo i feia exposicions claríssimes dels fonaments de la societat de classes. És un text molt esclaridor, m'agradaria haver-lo llegit abans. Considero que diu exposa les idees principals del marxisme envers l'evolució històrica de la societat de classes i la contradicció princip

I recently started a personal project of reading Marxist theory (something I hope to delve deeply into in 2021, despite it being a busy year for me) and Socialism : Utopian and Scientific is one of the necessary preliminary texts. Now, I didn't want to jump directly into Capital, Vol. 1: A Critical

This work is very much "Marxism 101", and, like the Manifesto, it seems like it would make for a good entry point.

Engels lays out his and Marx's intellectual predecessors from the early French materialists to Saint Simon, Fourier, and Owen. He explains their "utopian" socialisms quite well, and con

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific is one of the most important works for understanding Marxism. In this work Engels establishes what scientific socialism really is in three main parts.

He explains the role of utopian socialism and in particular specifies that utopian socialism was only an emotional a

The most accessible and riveting of the original Marxist works I’ve read so far…

(Note: I wrote this review in 2018, prior to reading Capital, Vol. 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production)

The Brilliant:
--“Marxism” just points to “go read Marx”; “scientific socialism” is more descriptive. Unpa

أسلوب إنجلس سلس جدًا وواضح ومتسلسل بطريقة منطقية، الكتاب سهل جدًا إذا كان عندك معلومات عامة سطحية عن الفلسفة والماركسية
يبدو أنه أن تقرأ عن الماركسية شيء وأن تقرأ للماركسيين شيء آخر
ويبدو أيضًا أن الاتحاد السوفيتي لم يكن ماركسيًا

Don't start learning about socialism by reading the Communist Manifesto, start with this. It's a small piece, covering the utopian socialist movements, the development of Hegelian dialectics, and historical materialism. The first part is a description of the utopian socialist movements, what motivat

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