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Slovenly Betsy

Heinrich Hoffmann

Book Overview: 

Hienrich Hoffman was a German psychiatrist and doctor. He had written poetry and sketches for his son, and was persuaded to have a collection of these printed.
The stories were not perceived as cruel or overly moral by Hoffmann's contemporaries.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And she almost died with shame.
She turned, and to her home she ran,
And then, as here you see,
She washed her clothes, and since has been
As neat as she could be.
PHOEBE ANN, THE PROUD GIRL This Phoebe Ann was a very proud girl,
Her nose had always an upward curl.
She thought herself better than all others beside,
And beat even the peacock himself in pride.
She thought the earth was so dirty and brown,
That never, by chance, would she look down;
And she held up her head in the air so high
That her neck began stretching by and by.
It stretched and it stretched; and it grew so long
That her parents thought something must be wrong.
It stretched and stretched, and they soon began
To look up with fear at their Phoebe Ann.
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Community Reviews

Let's harken back to the good ole days, when children were seen and not heard, the rod was never spared and all naughty little imps got their just comeuppances.

Part Roald Dahl, part Charles Addams, part Old Testament, these little rhymes about recalcitrant tots serve as cautionary tales and guarante

This was so fun, lots of cautionary tales from the early 1900s where kids’ eyes fall out if they are crybabies and their skin turns yellow if they’re petty and jealous. You could give a naughty kid a good scare with this one. Original illustrations from that time are great.

Some of the lessons seem a bit harsh lol
I mean damn, Polly just wanted to play with the boys. You didn't have to tear her leg off from a fall.

Dua buku bergambar karya Hoffman yang dibaca dua hari ini sangatlah menarik, bertujuan untuk mendidik anak apa yang tidak boleh dilakukan. Tujuannya bagus, tetapi saya kurang setuju karena ceritanya ditulis dengan maksud menakut-nakuti anak kecil. Lebih memilih cerita nasehat yang menyenangkan darip

Hmmmm...is this kid-friendly? I guess the part about Pauline's apron catching on fire may give way to nightmares, but I'd take it over Disney princesses any day.

Strongly worded rhymes about such virtues as cleanliness, pride, industrious, etc.. Some might be too scary for sensitive children.

Ironically, my great-aunt was named Pauline and she died when the lamp spilled kerosene all over her and ignited. She was home alone with her toddler son.

I read this f

I've had a lifelong, highly irrational love for Struwwelpeter, a gruesome set of German cautionary children's tales from 1845, set to rhyme, so when karen's review alerted me to the fact that Heinrich Hoffman wrote more of this bloodthirsty didactic poetry,* I was all over it, like Paulinchen is wit


april is national poetry month,
so here come thirty floats!
the cynics here will call this plan
a shameless grab for votes.
and maybe there’s some truth to that—
i do love validation,
but charitably consider it
a rhyme-y celebration.
i don’t intend to flood your feed—
i’ll just post one a

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