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The Slant Book

Peter Newell

Book Overview: 

The Slant Book is literally the shape of a parallelogram, with the spine of the book running down one side. When opened, facing pages form a “V” shape. All the pictures on the slanted recto pages show a way-too-precocious infant in a carriage [the "go-cart" of yesteryear] racing downhill who has somehow gotten away from his nanny, gleefully creating havoc all along the way! The facing verso pages contain two stanzas of commentary on the charming –if alarming!– illustrations.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Where Bobby lives there is a hill—
A hill so steep and high,
'Twould fill the bill for Jack and Jill
Their famous act to try

Once Bobby's Go-cart broke away
And down this hill it kited.
The careless Nurse screamed in dismay
But Bobby was delighted

He clapped his hands, in manner rude,
And laughed in high elation—
While, close behind, the Nurse pursued
In hopeless consternation

An Officer slid off the lid
As Bobby hove in sight,
And bellowed out, "You're scorchin', kid—
I'll run you in all right!"

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Community Reviews

The Slant Book was very interesting. This book can fall into the category of science fiction and poetry simultaneously. This book would be appropriate for children ages 8-12, although some words might not be understood by them. It was entertaining.
This book teaches children about gravity and ho...more


Me gustó la idea de un libro literalmente inclinado, me parece muy original, pero esperaba que la historia también lo fuera. La historia es linda, entretenida, pero -al menos en la traducción al español- algunas rimas se sienten forzadas y no todas se pueden leer "con la misma melodía". Tendrí...more

Cute book about gravity situation. Fun for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Vertiginoso descenso de una suerte de Cocoliso avant-la-lettre por una calle inclinada arramblando con todo a su paso, Tratándose de un libro en formato especial, la versión para Kindle debe tener su gracia.

This is another novelty children’s classic by Peter Newell. Through a series of hilarious pictures and clever poetry, a small baby careens improbably through busy streets, a pasture, a tennis yard, a meadow before finally coming to rest safely in a convenient haystack. The book itself has an odd...more

I was hoping it'd be as innovative as Topsys & Turvys, but it was just a funny kids' book shaped like a rhombus.

Little Bobby's go-cart breaks away from his nurse on a hill that gives him quite a speed. What follows is a wild series of events as Bobby careens down the hill and meets all sorts of people in his international metropolis.

This book was originally written about a century ago (that is also about t...more

Read this one on a humid afternoon and it kept me thoroughly happy and entertained for those few minutes. Love the idea of the book being slant. I particularly enjoyed the illustrative style and the way the tale was woven into a rhyme.

Synopsis: A boy in a go-cart rushes down a hill, smashing into one person after another.

Format: The book literally slanted.

Text: This is a rhyming poem and includes some pretty challenging words.

My reaction: Cool idea with the slanted pages. I found the manic glee on the boy's face as he destroy...more

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