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Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Sir Harry Hotspur’s only son and heir dies young which means that the title goes to a cousin, George Hotspur. Sir Harry wants the ancestral property to go to his daughter, Emily, and hopes that a future husband will adopt the family name.
George is a charmer but also a spendthrift and a gambler. He sets out to win Emily in order to save himself from bankruptcy – and succeeds, despite Emily knowing he is really unworthy. She is convinced she can save him but has also promised she will not marry without her father’s consent – which of course Sir Harry refuses to give.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Earl had replied. And so the matter was ended, and George made no more propositions of the kind.

The two men were together at Tattersall's, looking at some horses which the Earl had sent up to be sold the day after the dinner in Bruton Street. "Sir Harry seems to be taking to you very kindly," said the Earl.

"Well,—yes; in a half-and-half sort of way."

"It isn't everybody that would give you £5,000, you know."

"I am not everybody's heir," said George.

"No; and you ain't his,—worse luck."

"I am,—in regard to the title."

"What good will that do you?"

"When he's gone, I shall be the head of the family. As far as I can understand these matters, he hasn't a right to leave the estates away from me."

"Power is right, my boy. Legal power is undoubtedly right."

"He should at any rate divide them. There are two distinct properties, and either of them would make me a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Although this is not one of those much beloved novels by Trollope, I found it to be truly gripping and unforgettable in its way. A debate rages in a Trollope group that I belong to over the true nature of Emily, the heroine. Some see her as driven by an unquenchable love; I judged her to be a willfu

The short, but sad, story of Sir Harry. He wanted to make a fitting marriage for his only daughter, Emily, by marrying her to a cousin who would inherit his title. He had reservations about this plan, based on the character of the cousin, and it soon proved to be a mistake. But too late! Emily was i

If you happen to be looking for a typical Victorian novel complete with barons, ladies, scoundrels, and coquettish women, then this book will be something of a discovery. It’s set in the late 1860s and tells a classic be-careful-of-what-you-wish-for story.

Trollope’s writing in Humblethwaite is calm

This book was slow to hook me, but once it did, I could hardly bear to do anything but read it. Trollope has a way of building a whole world with a single room where you can imagine where the furniture is placed and what the rest of the house, of the houses, look like. And with his characters, they

Sad, annoying, but beautiful short novel by Anthony Trollope! It is about the complex nature of human love and relationships, loss, family, duty, honesty and integration, and social class.

If you've read every Austen book and finished off Gaskell as well, if you've watched up all of Downton Abbey and polished off Upstairs, Downstairs too, and yet you still want more uptight British aristocracy drama from the Victorian/Edwardian era, Sir Harry Hotspur Of Humblethwaite by Anthony Trollo

Satire about the (unsuccessful) attempt of a wealthy girl to reform her black sheep of a cousin so she could marry him.

Not Trollope's best but enjoyable enough. The character that I ended up sympathizing with most was the title character, Sir Harry.

1.5 did not finish. Disappointed and bored, though I have been told this is not typical of Trollope. Need to try a different book by him.

How does one write a review for this book without saying too much?

The ending is important, and that ending is not going to please everyone, but I liked it. It is realistic. It is why I considered giving the book 3 rather than 2 stars. The first half of the book dragged. It is boring. It lacks the h

I listened for hours in horror. Trollope, you can't let this girl marry HIM? This book captures the way a jerk can be charming and oh so self-absorbed and how naive and ridiculous a girl can be with a good-looking man who can talk well.

The disadvantage of listening to a book (while working on chore

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