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Sir Gibbie

George MacDonald

Book Overview: 

These are the adventures of Sir Gibbie through the Scotland moors. Not being able to read or speak, Gibbie survives on the streets without a mother and having an alcoholic father. Yet, he wins the hearts of his neighbors and helps others. Children and adults learn through Sir Gibbie self-sacrifice, honesty, and purity.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .uls from the same dish, but each dipped his spoonful into his private caup of milk, ere he carried it to his mouth. A little apart sat a boy, whom the woman seemed to favour, having provided him with a plateful of porridge by himself, but the fact was, four were as many as could bicker comfortably, or with any chance of fair play. The boy's countenance greatly attracted Gibbie. It was a long, solemn face, but the eyes were bright-blue and sparkling; and when he smiled, which was not very often, it was a good and meaningful smile.

When the meal was over, and he saw the little that was left, with all the drops of milk from the caups, tumbled into a common receptacle, to be kept, he thought, for the next meal, poor Gibbie felt very empty and forsaken. He crawled away sad at heart, with nothing before him except a drink of water at the burn. He might have gone to the door of the house, in the hope of a bit of cake, but now that he had seen something of the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I read this book over and over. George MacDonald is one of my favorite writers. The one thing that prevented his writing from being widely distributed is that he wrote in Scottish brogue, so it's incredibly difficult to get through. This edition (given a different title than his origninal title, Sir

Compelling. Convicting. Chock full of near-impenetrable Scots dialect! I would not want anyone to abridge this book - having read both the full and abridged version of "The Fisherman's Lady," far too much is lost no matter the good intentions of the abridger. However, if someone could just *translat

I don't consider sitting down and writing a review of a book that was finished less than half an hour ago the wisest of moves. Almost any work deserves more reflection than that teensy period of time allows, and "Sir Gibbie" certainly does. Here I am, though.

The works of George MacDonald (whether f

I finished Sir Gibbie last night and want to thank you for hosting this discussion.

I had forgotten how much I loved the story of Gibbie. Oh my gosh ... that flood; Mrs Croale's change of character; Donal's poetry; Janet's simple faith; the love between Ginevra and Gibbie! What's not to love? (Well

This is a children's version of Sir Gibbie, edited and condensed by Michael Phillips. It's easy to read and understand... And a wonderful depiction of God's love to EVERYONE.
I found this book in an antique store in Chestertown 1 year ago and instantly became addicted to reading George MacDonald's b

What can I say? There are bestsellers, and there are good books. This is a good book. And that is one of the greatest understatements I shall ever be guilty of, but I am afraid to praise too much, lest my inadequate praise should bring the book down in anyone's eyes.

If you CAN read MacDonald--if you

George MacDonald did it again: he shows that the ways of God are not our ways, that our reasons are not necessarily God's reasons.

The book shows a complex cast of characters from all the social levels: from the laird to the homeless, going through a couple of priests, one of them prone to yield to w

MacDonald is my favorite author, and he rarely disappoints. I can be a very critical personality, but MacDonald is the one author I have grown to trust almost implicitly. I always learn from him, and he always refreshes my vision and power to see beauty in the world. He makes me feel like he can act

It’s for good reason that both C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien count George MacDonald as a mentor. Mr. MacDonald is a master storyteller and in this book has recounted the life of wee Sir Gibbie, an orphan who cannot speak and with no advantages (as the world counts them). Gibbie flees the city and is ta

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